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NSXPO2009 Award Announcement

9 February 2000
Warwick, NY, USA

The NSXCA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that NSXPO2009 will be held in Toronto, Canada. Mosport will be the track location. Final dates and plans are far off in the future and as plans unfold all will be notified.

President, NSX Club of America
I'm in!
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Congrats to you Canada guys yah? :tongue:
So vegas get your act together for 2010!!:biggrin:
I expect to see Toronto live up to the hype that was thrown out in this thread. :wink:
I have a question. Since Canada is a country in America, North America, just like the United States is, are they a chapter of the NSXCA or are they the NSXCC?
I'm going either way, as it is sure to be a great event but I was curious.
CA has divided up CDN membership vertically with the regions in the US that that part of Canada is closest to.

For example, Im part of NE being in Ontario.

There is enough distance between CDN members in Ontario and those in BC that if we were treated as a single chapter, it would be tricky. Easier to treat BC guys alongside those in Washington, etc...

We do have our own Club, the NSX Club of Canada, and many of us are members of CA, but it is a distinct Club from CA. NSXPO 09 in Toronto is 100% an NSXCA event, even though the planning committee is the exec of the NSXCC.
Joe, I sent the Captain of the KINGSTON your card. You may have a Ship pull into your body shop for some work!

See you in Toronto in 09!!!
Im looking forward to this event, I'm 100% in!
Oh man congratulations Canada!

I might even ship my car over for this event!!! How incredible and fun will this event be?

*jumps all over his office with excitement*....
Can we drive here?


I quote from above (emphasis mine):


In the 1960s the rivalry between French and English speaking Canada meant that the country's Grand Prix had two homes: Mosport Park one year and Mont-Tremblant the next. By 1970, however, Mont-Tremblant was deemed too dangerous and the race moved full time to Mosport Park.

In 1977 the French Canadians, motivated by the incredible success of Gilles Villeneuve, decided it was about time they built a race track. Building a new circuit simply wasn't feasible, however, as time and money were against them. Their solution was simple and effective. Taking the Ile Notre-Dame, they connected all the island's roads and made a circuit. The island had been the home of the 1967 World Fair (Expo'67) and was full of futuristic looking buildings. It was, everyone agreed, a perfect venue for a Grand Prix.

After $2m was spent on upgrading the circuit to Formula One standards, the first race was held there in October 1978. Gilles Villeneuve, in his first season with Ferrari, was yet to win a Formula One race, but at his home Grand Prix he took a memorable debut victory. Following his tragic death in 1982, the track was renamed in his honour.

His son, Jacques, has never won at the track but some of the great drivers of the sport have taken the spoils here. Michael Schumacher holds the record of having won seven times in Canada. It is also the scene of Jean Alesi's single Grand Prix victory in 1995, driving the number 27 Ferrari, the same car number which carried Gilles Villeneuve into the hearts of the Canadian Formula One fans.

Montreal is a 4 hr drive from Toronto and there is zero chance we would get on the GP track. I've never seen anything except for the F1 and accompanying races on that track. It is a wide open park during the summer. Plenty of other reasons to get to Montreal though, but unfortunately it won't be during XPO.

If anyone has an opportunity to go to Le Circuit Tremblant (45min north of Montreal, GO!). The racetrack at Tremblant.
I expect to see Toronto live up to the hype that was thrown out in this thread. :wink:

Start exercising your liver!:biggrin:

We certainly had a great time @ Est Fest, and there were a few NSXCAers who underestimated Canadian party skills!:eek: :biggrin: :wink: :tongue:
true say!

Unfortunately XPO wont have free booze for all like Est Fest did!

Yep that's right. He said "free booze". If you missed Est Fest, you lose.

But you have to come to XPO!!! Then we'll make you honourary Canadians without the hangover. :biggrin:

No wait, you may still have a hangover, but not because your honourary Canadians.
Awesome news! Will be looking forward to making this my first XPO. :)