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NSXs at VIR in May and June?

7 October 2002
Chapel Hill NC
Darrin (and others) had mentioned a possible trip to VIR. I will be tracking my car there on the 4.2 mile Grand East course on June 14-15. The event is showing as 81% sold out at www.mazdadrivers.com ,so there may be no slots open in the Beginner run group. However, if you'd like to just visit VIR, this would be a great weekend. You can obtain a hi-speed ride with an instructor and also do a few "parade laps" in your car at lunch time. I believe there will be at least one other NSX there: JeffA, who is an instructor.

Also, I may be there Saturday-only May 17 with the Alfa Club on the 2.2 mile North Course. The Alfa guys will be alternating track sessions with some incredible vintage sportscar racers- Like the million-dollar Ferrari 250 GTOs and original Testarossas, and Maserati Birdcages. For the Alfa event, engine size is limited to 3.5 litres, and you must have two previous track events under your belt. The June event is free for spectators, but there may be a charge for the May vintage races.

Let me know who is interested in either event.

here's more info from the www.motorsportsreg.com website:

One of the Mid-Atlantic Alfa Romeo Club’s most popular events has been our weekend of driving with the Vintage Sports Car Club of America. The Alfa Club is known for its trademark “laid back pasta eaters” approach to driving schools. The VSCCA drivers bring their own laid back approach to motorsports with their fleet of historic vintage race cars. As in past years, the two clubs share the track. The Alfa Club conducts a driving school that is interspersed with the Vintage Club’s practice, qualifying and race sessions.

This year, our driving school will accommodate intermediate (driver must have completed at least two 2-day HPDE events – inquire regarding acceptability of other related experience) and advanced run groups. Each of our run groups will get three sessions a day, twenty-five minutes each.

For the third consecutive year, we will follow our enthusiastically received small-bore theme. We will again limit the student groups to cars with nominal displacements at or under 3.5 liters. Although some of our best friends drive big cars with big motors, this change will keep the run groups just a bit more homogeneous, reducing speed differentials, particularly at the ends of the long straightaways. (Please note that there is no displacement limitation for instructor cars.)

This format aims to return us to the tenor of our early schools, when the grids were predominantly made up of Alfas and other small cars. So bring your old Alfas & Porsches and your new Miatas, BMWs & Z-cars. Bring them and come mix it up in the paddock with an eclectic mix of vintage racing cars. Join us too for our Saturday evening banquet (We’ve again made the banquet optional in an effort to keep costs down for the basic event.)
Howard, both of these dates sound like a great opportunity to get the NSX owners together. I know Darrin sounded enthused about attending an event at VIR. I have never personally visited VIR..but have heard a lot of great things about this track from other NSX owners.

Let me check calendars and I think I will organize something around both of those dates. I'll keep in touch with you and advise progress.

Sorry, again I missed seeing you this morning.

How long will you be at VIR in June? From when to when??

Just that one day. Gotta leave before the second day to scoot up to GingerMan for Car and Driver. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. :biggrin:
Hey guys ...

John, when I was talking to Howard I told him that you wanted to arrange a VIR meet in June and he bourght up that he was going to a few events so I asked him to get up with you or post a thread.

Thanks for posting the information Howard. I do not think I will have my car (NSX) back from paint by then, but I can take the M3.

John, let us all know what date you settle on or if others can post what could work for them, it may help in the decision. My calender is open as of now.

Yeah I guess I'm signed up - I responded YES to the instructors' invitation back in February. Haven't heard anything yet, but I think I'm in?


For the Saturday May 17 event, there is no mention of any admission charge on the VIR website, and an Alfa Club contact says he is not aware of any charges, either. This is a unique opportunity to see some museum-quality vintage racers in action. The vintage racers will be there Sunday as well (but not me!) The cost to track your car for Saturday-only is $175, but you must have 2 prior track events under your belt. PM me for the Alfa club contact info if interested.

Hope to see you there!
i'll be attending the june mazda event in my m3/4, hopefully i can meet some of the nsx gang there. i just sold my mazdaspeed3 and have a slot to fill in my garage, an nsx has always been on my short list of "cars i'll own...someday".

btw i saw that jim weaver of weaver motorsports is selling his 1991 yellow supercharged nsx, anyone familiar with this car?
I heard from MazdaDrivers, I'm in as an instructor. I'll be bringing the motorhome, we can make it NSX Central again. That was a great time last year. I'll be arriving Friday night and will reserve enough room for us.

Here we were last time:


Mazdadrivers has an Full course event in Aug which I might sign up. I want to go in June, too but probably not going to happen.

BTW, Jeff A's RV is awesome! :D
bump. Any other NSXers coming to this ??