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Numbering an NSX

6 March 2001
Austin, TX
I am hoping to start competing at some SCCA events in the super stock class. What is the best way to number an NSX with out them being permanent? Also if the numbers are reusable, that would be great too. Most other car owners use magnetic numbers, don't think that's going to work on my NSX....

95 NSX-T Black/Black
Buy a white Action Writer from their website http://www.actionwriter.com/ and use it to write your car number on your windshield and engine hatch glass sides.

These are the same markers that used car dealers use to write on the cars on their lots. Unlike shoe polish (yuck!), these markings won't run if they get rained on, and they're MUCH easier to wipe off - like wiping off markings on a whiteboard.

Inexpensive, excellent product.

(I have no association with this company.)

If you insist on numbers that look professional and you want to put them on your car body, you can get die-cut vinyl numbers at many print shops. One place is listed in the "Decals" section of the you-know-what. But vinyl numbers are expensive, whereas one bottle of Action Writer will probably last you and your friends a lifetime.

P.S. You can put either kind of numbers on your car body panels but I prefer to put them only on the glass, so as not to risk scratches to the paint finish.