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Oblivious drivers

15 May 2005
So I take my car to the Acura dealership to get my keyless entry installed and while its sitting in the service line, some guy gets into his mini van and proceeds to back into the front of my car :mad: Luckily I had a clearbra installed 2 weeks prior and all it did was scrape his paint onto the clearbra. I will have to get a new clearbra but I suppose it could have been worse. What annoys me the most is this guy saw my car, gets into his van, and carelessly backs up. :frown:
Sorry to hear about the accident, on the other hand, Meeyatch? You listening here? Another opportunity to put some more miles on your car to go fix that clear bra! :tongue:
I had an immaculate ORIGINAL '98 NSX. I was parked at Starbuck's in Danville when some idiot in an F-150 modified about 8" taller than stock, pick-up drove over my hood while backing out. This was almost repeated last week at my friend's house when his daughter pulling out from the curb in an SUV, didn't see my car parked behind her. Fortunetly I anticipated this and parked 10 feet behind her.
The moral of the story is....."DON'T PARK BEHIND HUGE PICK-UP TRUCKS OR SUV'S !!!!!" Our babies are so low they cannot see them in their rear view mirror.
Who are you? An ambulance chasing lawyer who settles cases because he has no trial skills? :rolleyes: