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Oem Alarm Problem

30 June 2005
Hello family, I have a 1993 NSX, love it. One problem, the alarm goes off after 2-3 hours by itsel. I have even disconnected the pin switches in the hood and engine bay locations but still the alarm goes off at said intervals. I don't like leaving the car unlocked. I have ordered 2 key fobes and waiting for them to come in from the dealer. How can I disable the OEM Alarm and still lock the doors.

You can try disconnecting the security horn to at least silence the car until the problem is fixed. It's under the hood on the driver's side near all the brake line plumbing.
Hummmm! The lights are also a part of the alarm/horn. Is that a normal part of the factory alarm for the lights and horn to activate? I did just recieve a message to disconnect the security system which is beneath the glove box. I am very open to ideas at this point. Then probally have another system installed. Any ideas?