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Oil cooler cap

22 July 2011
Dublin, Ireland
The 'top' of my oil cooler assembly looks awful. I tidied it up a long time ago but it needs a refresh. Now for the BIG question, can i remove the cooling part leaving the carrier bracket and filter in place? Look simple and I reckon if I disconnect the water hoses first I can avoid mixing the two liquids. Any opinions?
I haven't done this; but, I think you are good to go. You can't leave the filter in place because the filter is on the other end of that center bolt assembly. You have to remove the filter to get the bolt out and the cooler off. The pedestal does not have to be removed; but, I have this recollection that you might want to remove the pedestal just to get at the hoses. You definitely need new O rings for the oil cooler and if you remove the pedestal you need a new pedestal base O ring. The pedestal uses bolts with sealant on them. The manual says replace with new - some people don't. If you are 'in there' I would definitely replace the two oil cooler hoses since they have a tough life with the oil exposure and heat.

So, you are going to spill some oil requiring a top up or do an oil and filter change at the same time. If you leave the hoses in place and just clamp them at the cooler end you may be able to get away with just a coolant top up. If you replace the hoses you are going to loose fluid which means you are probably into a cooling system top up and then purge.

If this is purely cosmetic I would leave it alone until you need to do some related work like a cooling system flush or planned hose replacement.
Hi Old Guy, the long finger came into the equation on this job so I have only just got around to removing the offensive part.
Your understanding of the cooler assembly is not quite correct. The oil cooler centre bolt that comes down from above and runs through the water I/O section can be removed from the pedestal without removing the filter as this mounts onto a separate thread protruding from the base of the pedestal. So... its possible to remove the top section and leave the pedestal and filter but you have a serious fight with the hoses. The 'right' way, as I see it is to remove the lot, loose plenty of coolant and why not change the oil as well while you are half way there with the filter removed.
A tiny but persistent leak had given the top of the cooler section a surface resembling the surface of a very old orange, a bit worse than just cosmetic. A few coats of paint rather than 500+ bucks fro a nice shiny part. Thanks anyway for the reply as it was one reason to tackle the job.
When I was looking at the service manual and the parts manual I completely missed part #15.
oil filter.jpg

I looked at it (and the service manual) quickly and assumed that #4 threaded into and extended out the other side to form the attachment for the filter. My error.