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Oil Pressure question

17 April 2006
Sacramento, CA

I am wondering what everyone's oil pressure reading is at idle. On very hot days mine hangs around 1 and on cooler days maybe 1.5. Is that normal or kinda low. I am getting ready for a road trip to AZ in a week and a half and need to make sure I won't have any issues on the road. Its even hotter there than here in Nor Cal, so i just wanna make sure.

I heard before that the standard for idle was 2.
I've read here the oil pressure spec is .7 (+/- .5) Therefore, the gauge could read .2 (near zero) and still be normal.

Mine is erratic. Sometimes at idle it reads zero. Then other times at idle it will read 2. It seems to depend on how high the needle was when the engine was at higher rpms right before going to idle. It sure bugs me and I watch it constantly. My oil pressure light never comes on though, and I believe that's what's important as the two indicators use different sensors. You could always do a pressure test with an outside gauge to compare to the dash gauge.
I've noticed mine being low also. Generally when the car is warm/hot it rides low at idle. I think the stock gauge can be misleading. There has been a lot of discussion on this.. many variables. Bad sender, high fluid volume etc. Best thing would be to monitor with and actual indexed gauge.
Since we are in the topic, if I want to installed Defi oil pressure gauge, how do I get the wiring done?
sometimes my needle will point really low almost to the very bottom bar for a few days and after it will point over the half mark on idle for a few days.. weird! You can install a digital after market meter...
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Since we are in the topic, if I want to installed Defi oil pressure gauge, how do I get the wiring done?

You can get a Greddy "sandwich adapter" from SOS (if they still sell them) and tap the pressure from there. I tapped both the oil pressure and temp from this adapter.