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OMG- broken spring!!??

1 February 2002
San Dimas, CA
OK I really never seen this before...but..took off my tire to get the rim checked out..I noticed the spring looked weird...after looking at it...it looks broken and doesnt sit correctly? :eek:

Can anyone confirm by the pics and I guess replacing is my only option...I dont know how long its been like this and rides the same with no abnormal tire wear issues.......spring is an Eibach and its front driver side.


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Def not good. Looks cracked to me. I've never seen that before either... :eek:

Btw, I have Eibachs as well.
Looks like it cracked at the base, that's the reason why you didn't feel any difference.
On the side note, I have never seen anything like that.
Maybe if you send that spring to Eibach they might send you a new one (should try)
First clean off some of that dirt and grunge so you can see a crack but you need to get it out of there to do a good inspection.
I'm sure you know the results if it fails at speed.
Of course we NSX drivers always drive conservitivly and obey all traffic laws but things do happen.

spring failed,I've never seen that before either.Time to change.Could be an opourtunity to try a different suspension.
haven't seen any springs fail like this one but have seen some where the springs where collapsed on itself

definitely time for something new. :smile:

I got a set of JIC magic 2 up for sale off my personal car. only 1000 miles.

if your interested pm me. also throw in a good deal for install.

good luck

Rob :smile:
I have seen several spring failures like this before on other models. It is usually caused by fatigue in the spring. I would replace both sides not just the broken one.
Well its pretty sure cracked, dont know how or why...but thanks for the replies...the car did sit a bit lower on this side, but never thought that this could be it...

Ron98- interested in your offer, sent you a pM.
For reference, are these the Dali Coilover / Bilstein set up? The perches do not look like ground control and I just wanted to be sure. I do think you should contact Eibach if you decide to keep what you have, but I would also suggest running something else. (JRZ/SOS JIC/Tein/Zeal/Buddy Club/ARK?) Good luck.
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FYI - There is a set of Eibachs for sale on in the NSX Prime marketplace