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On my way to a new system...

1 June 2005
Happy Little Tree, Indiana
On my way to a new system...(NOW COMPLETE)

I have about had it with the crackling, humming, whistling, popping and space-ship effects coming from my factory system, so, I am upgrading. I ordered the sub box from SOS, and will be putting my own sub (hopefully JL) in that. Also going with a new SOS console piece that allows us to use the factory console with a little modification to it. They no longer sell the one that allows you to keep the ashtray. Also, going with JL door speakers + tweeters. Alpine head unit plus the Ipod console. Can't wait. Will post more as I get closer to the install, which should be in the next couple of weeks. :biggrin:
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VERY interested in how this comes out. I am looking at getting a Pioneer head unit/DVD etc. and using the existing speakers and then down the road going to JL Audio for Center speakers and Door Speakers. Not Sure what to do with Sub.
Me too. :biggrin:

I have been working on the fiberglass center console trying to get the paint correct. Although most have said that the recommended Honda paint is a close match, I was not satisfied. So, I had an auto paint store mix me up some to better match today. I just got done strippin the old paint off. I will paint it Wednesday when out humidity should drop.

I have 2 large cans of this paint. I am sure I will not need both. So, if I like the results, I will be selling my extra can. :wink:
The Honda paint doesn't really match very well. I painted mine black to match. I will have a custom fitted center console available with a Kenwood head unit available soon. This will have the ashtray and will be painted silver like the new cars. I will post pictures when it is ready.

Are you designing your own center console ? I have done a lot of work with Fibreglass (custom motorcycle fairings etc...) Why did you chose to go this route and not go with some like the SOS center console?
Mine is an SOS console but I didn't like how the head units kind of sit on the unit and bulge outward. For my car, I fit the DIN cage into the cut out and then fiberglassed around it to "mold it in" so my Eclipse head unit is flush with the console. This was for an ashtray delete console.

I have another console with the ashtray in place and I am in the process of doing it again but this time, it will have a Kenwood unit and be for sale. Taking lots of pictures to write it up as a DIY, possibly for NSXdriver.

I was totally dissapointed withe the look of the alpine with the SOS console, so I have decided to modify my original console. It feels like a work of art with what I am doing, but I can honestly say at this point, it is something that no one has tried at this point. Should have it finished this weekend and installed next week. :biggrin:
djdrock said:
....but I can honestly say at this point, it is something that no one has tried at this point. Should have it finished this weekend and installed next week. :biggrin:
What a tease!
After several long weeks of reworking the factory console, I am finally done with my install. Not only does it look 300% better than the SOS console, it sounds much much better. I will post pics soon with details of what I did.
So, here it is. My real first attempt at any sort of "bodywork". I took my original console and reworked the stereo portion by cutting out the factory portion, and using a fiberglass type of bondo to rework the contour. I had to make the back of the console perfectly flat so that the fabricated panel (that holds the stereo and EQ) would fit flush against the console. I painted the fabricated panel flat black, and had a paint store mix me up some custom paint. This was extremely difficult to match, because as many of you may know, it is like a 3-layer foil of some kind that gives it the flat look with the goldish tint. Then with using epoxy, I glued the sleeve of the stereo to the panel, and then epoxied the panel to the console. I really wanted the stereo to be recessed (like the climate control), so doing it this way, made sense to me.

I absolutely hated the way the paint would easily nick and scratch near the lower portion of the SOS console...this is why I decided to only paint the top portion. And even though the color is not a perfect match, it suits me just fine from a practicality/appearance standpoint. And thought there is a line, it really is not that noticeable. I know an guy that does amazing things with an airbrush, and he is going to tape things off for me and blend the paint down a notch to make the line less visible.

Now, for the sound...I can not tell you how much of a difference that having the EQ makes. I am a bit of a midrange-head. I absolutely hate a stereo with just highs and lows. The EQ enables me to adjust the sound much much better. It also gives me better control over the JL 10" sub.

Here are some pics. The 2 pics that are not in the car are just primer.


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F-N Sweet......Very nice job indeed!!! :biggrin: Brent
Nice looking job. I just installed that same head unit in my car this past weekend. I used a Dali CF center console though.
I love the sound of it sooooo much better over the OEM unit. HOWEVER, it's display gets completely washed out in the sunlight. :mad: No real big deal since I don't drive it to work but rather only in the evening times when the sun is either down or going down.
Glad I didn't spend the extra $$$ on another HU that had a nice pretty display since I wouldn't be able to see it anyway. :rolleyes: :smile:
menuserve said:
dude thats awesome work... where are you located.


Thanks for the positive feedback. I just readjusted my EQ again tonight, and cannot believe how amazing the sound is. I have always been limited with 2-seaters (MR2's) and have never had much to work with, but always managed to put together a nice system, but never did I think that the NSX was cabable of such good "sounds.". :biggrin:
Thanks Bill.

BTW...Joe and I are hoping to get a local meet together sometime in Sept. Be sure and check the thread.
Wow. That looks amazing! Contrats! It looks like it came from the factory that way.
mackash said:
What head unit is that? Looks like a perfect color match to the factory lighting.

It is the Alpine 9847. And yes, it does match nicely. :biggrin: