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One Lap of America NSX's head out for race

9 January 2005
Within the next 24 hours, the team of NSX's running the One Lap of America this year will be heading out for the start of our 8 day race marathon.

Time for talk is over...time to walk the walk :smile:

Rob Morrison and Mike Fitzpatrick have done an amazing job of preparing their cars in such a short time period as well as overcoming numerous obstacles to include replacing engines in both cars with less then three weeks to go!

Vaughn Duarte will be co-driving with Rob Morrison and a last minute change in the EXP NSX finds myself, Jon York, co-driving with Mike Fitzpatrick.

I loaned a hood and rear hatch to Vaughn and Rob for One Lap, now I have to worry about them passing me on the track with my own parts to add insult to injury... :eek: maybe I can place some bubblegum in Vaughns race shoes to affect his heel toe technique :tongue:

It's all good as long as the NSX's finish in the overall top ten....that's the real prize regardless of class.

Especially since we are running against Daytona prototypes, Radicals & Ultima's just to name a few.

The 3,500 mile, 14 track event in 8 days leaves little time for sleep, hotels or ability to download pic's/status on a daily basis.

We will do our best to download info by calling a friend to update Prime for us during the event.

We probably would not be running the One Lap this year except for the generous sponsorship of Mark Rossow (EXP4 additives).

Pictures of the "EXP One Lap NSX entrant" can be viewed under photo section at


Pictures of the "EXP/DAL Motorsports NSX entrant" can be viewed at


The official One Lap of America site is located at


A very special thanks to Mr. Mark Hicks for being instrumental in the team support catagory.....8 days of missing work, 3,500 miles of sore butt and no monetary reimbursement for his time.....errrr...we did tell Mark we're not paying him didn't we :rolleyes:

I wish you the best of luck!
Please be safe and have lots of fun.
Have fun and drive like Hell!
I'll see ya at Lancaster Speedway. My friends Nancy Becker,Roy Hopkins and Adrienne Hughes are defending their class win in an E46 M3.

If these guys running the NSX's need any parts that required to be replaced, have someone get intouch with me at [email protected].
ALthough Lancaster is early in the race, sh#@ happens

good luck!!!

John B
Good Luck Guys!

Keep us posted as best you can if you have any free time . . . :wink:
Have fun!! I ran the One Lap of America 2 years ago and loved it!! It is automotive insanity. :D
Be safe, have fun, kick ass and Godspeed.
I saw both NSX's on the highway 20 bypass outside The Tire Rack....cars looked good!! Be safe and have fun. :)
Looks like they are going to hit rain when they are at Roebling Road near Savannah. Thunderstorms are predicted. Rats. But I'm going to go see them anyway.
I love the parachute bag!It shouts to the other competitors,look out wimps we have 1000hp! :eek: :tongue:
(For more daily detail see the other DAL Motorsports enters OLA thread)
DocJon - hehe... yeah it does look like a parachute bag...but in reality it is only the car cover :biggrin:
NSXdreamer2 - In Grand-Am there was usually one or two races that would be in the evening and end in darkness. For one lap the lights are for driving on the highway at night... Why not use the normal headlights? One, the housing for the lights are pretty heavy, so it was a good way to drop a couple of pounds... also a little more areo dynamic with the headlights in the closed position.
Great pix Johnny! Just a shout out to all the NSX owners that have come out to hang... you guys are great. Both teams really enjoy the attention and wish we had more time to spend each place. But for OLA, it is more a lot about getting from point a to point b almost as much as doing well in the race.
Looking forward to anyone coming during this week at any tracks we are at!