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Our thoughts on the new NSX vs. our Huracan....

15 October 2003
West coast!
We posted this in off-topic but copied it here in case anyone is interested....

A lot of our new NSX 2.0 carbon fiber parts are being based on a local owner's car who was gracious to let us take it all apart. Along the way we get a chance to drive it quite a bit :)


Recently took a nice scenic round trip in our friend's NSX to Mt. Shasta and we totally forgot how comfortable the car was to be in. Wife and I had normal conversations and we really forgot we were driving an exotic just cruising up the I5. The car built put dangerous speeds so fast on the mountain hill climbs it made all other cars look like they were standing still! Only gripe was lack of cup holders and USB ports.

In comparison this past weekend we took the Huracan for a 1 hour drive up to Napa for our anniversary and both going there and coming back, we never forgot how loud the car was....both our backs were hurting towards the end of each trip. By the time we got home we just wanted to get out of the car :(
We should compare notes since you are local to us as we don't drive the NSX as much as you do for sure.

Sure. I am speaking of "suspension" and not "handling" or "grip." The different modes really change the ride and, even in "Track mode" on the track, is just seems to soak up bumps and get settled faster than other cars I have driven. Feels like "Super PASM" or something. In other cars with adjustable suspension, in the most aggressive mode it feels more "stiff" and less "active" compared to NSX. But it could be in my head....
The reference to "PASM" is actually a good one and a topic we spoke at length about here too!

The Porsche PASM system seems a lot more compliant compared to the Huracan 3 setups (Strada, Sport, Corsa).

The 2.0 NSX on the other hand feels pretty dramatic when each mode is selected, at the softest setting it feels about 2 clicks further than in the Lambo. At the most extreme setting, it's very tight and changes the character of the car. One of our guys has a Panamera GTS here and the PASM is quite dynamic when compared to the new NSX. It's almost connected to your brain in sensing what the driving wants to do at that specific moment.