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P2F Racing Bladed Sway Bar For All Years

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Thx for the nice write up and the suggestion for posting all the torque settings online, we'll work on that soon. While these bars are a lot more expensive to design and manufacture compare to the typical one-piece anti-roll bar(ARB 1.0), the "magic" is all in the blade and its ease of "tune-abiility/setup" without affecting the suspension geometry which the on-piece bar can not offer.

A general statement, depending on the springs/dampers/aero you have, with the one-piece ARB 1.0(regardless the dia.), in the past some use high spring rate to reduce roll but that hurts grip and its not the right way. With the Bladed ARB 2.0, you can run softer (not soft) springs to improve grip while setting the blade to control roll like the way it should be. It works independently as part of the suspension system and the improvement is noticeable as Jeff stated.

Adding the benefit of allowing precise independent cornering balancing(w/ coilover or w/o), with good tires, the improved confidence of the feel of the car will make you quicker on the road or on the track.

I don't know when yet, but you will be getting my money for a set. I guarantee it. These came out better than I thought they were. Best new product to me by a long shot. Congrats!

Thx Jones, for the nice comment. These are pretty cool parts and the better the dampers you have, the more you will feel it at different positions.

FWIW, earlier today, it took Ramon (Niguel Motors) <10 min. to switch out the 7/8" rear bar for the 3/4" bar:eek: and <5 min. to change the frt setting to mid-stiff:eek: on my car but he is normally fast and the car was in the air.

Other than the black-oxide bolts, we did not cheese on the design,manufacturing and the components selection. ZEP ProductMetal Protectant Rust Control Barrier SKU:R22701 should take care of that. Zinc/Nickel/Cad plated bolts are very expensive and difficult to find at the sizes we need.

FYI, I saw jsl757 (Jeff) at BW during our shakedown test and he is mucho rapido and smooth, then I found out he is NA on 15/16:eek: and RA1(?) Now for him to say these bars made him more confident, it mean a lot.
FYI, I saw jsl757 (Jeff) at BW during our shakedown test and he is mucho rapido and smooth, then I found out he is NA on 15/16:eek: and RA1(?) Now for him to say these bars made him more confident, it mean a lot.

Thanks Tim.

I actually run ZIIs, my setup is minimal with Bilstein shocks/stock springs and you're bladed sway bars. The sway bars are a noticeable improvement and changing the stiffness is very easy. Since I'm running stock size tires I'm going to soften the front sway (I originally set them parallel to the end link) and try them again at Laguna Seca in early April.
Thanks Tim.

(I originally set them parallel to the end link) and try them again at Laguna Seca in early April.

Run them 90 to the square main bar end to get full stiff. ck the load path and you'll see. run // to the rod ends is about 3/4 stiff(still plenty stiff for the bilstein/oem spring set up). the rod ends are pivots and the load path angle is not too a-skewed from 90 so you should be fine. Anyways, they are easy to change but a little bit at a time to avoid split personality.

My Shifu saz smooth = fast and that was how you looked at BW.
Received mine not too long ago. Fantastic looking product. A lot of attention to details went to the blades (radius, chamfers, etc...). I will install them when it warms up a little.:smile:
Yes, we have them in stock and notice another detail, the spacers are hard anodized not regular black anodized(where the surface is still alum soft and easily wears off).

This was sunk cost for our 1st product to build our street credit to show we DO ship and they do work, once all sold, our CFO told us we can't sell them anymore at this price.

The first few sets were specially priced for the early adopters and the present GB is at $1500. Compare to others, its still a great deal. This is not a "magic bullet" part but opens more opportunities to different suspension adjustments/set-up and can changes the behavior of the car quickly from over/under-steer and vise versa.

Please read post #29 and buy the ZEP spray as black oxide bolts were not ideal for outdoor use but zinc/cad/nickle were very expensive and impossible to find at the odd sizes we need. We also updated the online install guide with better pix to avoid any misunderstanding.

FWIW, Chris Harris talks about the ARB on the GT4 at 8:30 and 9:30 and notice it uses high end alum dampers. We thought the new rear suspension ARB was bladed but pause with a closer look its not a blade but just a rod with holes in the bars. Not bad but not ideal.

Chris Harris on the Cayman GT4
Man, the ARB looks fantastic. The adjustability is second to none. Great job!

My track dough was spent in tires. Need to sell some of my extra parts so I can a set of these now. :(
Final Offer Close-Out Price = $1200 shipped w/ poly bushings (US & Canada only)

We have a few sets left so grab them while you can especially for those who has good shocks AND proper valving to feel the different settings. After they are gone, no new parts will be made and also, Aurora is increasing their rod-end price starting Jan. 2016.

You can set it soft for cruising or set it hard for tracking in minutes.
Is there a way to tell that you have the blades set to equal settings on both sides? Or do I have to count threads and measure?
You don't need to count the threads or measure. Its easier to explain and see when you are under the car installing/turing/adjusting the blades. Full stiff position should be the same angle as the rod end so the load acts thru the proper load path. There is no marking on the blade nor on the bar due to extra cost to make but you have the option using a Sharpie to mark the positions and visually set them the same on both sides. We used to have the popular yellow Bilsteins and we can feel the difference at full stiff/mid stiff/full soft positions. Now we have better shocks and valving, we can feel more difference between those settings and having bucket seats helps too.
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A few folks have made the request of a payment plan and we will honor that. PM us what you want to do and we both keep track of it. The only parts we need to order are the hi quality Aurora rod-ends so get it before they up their price starting next year.
Thx for your interests and keeping us in the game to make more parts.
Got a call from Aurora, the part in questions MW-M12T is back ordered until 11/25. Thanks for those who paid but looks like we can't ship until early Dec. The qty we ordered is too small for them to put a rush on it. Sorry guys. :frown:

Normally shipping to Canada is $86 but for this GB, it will be $40 for shipping.
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All orders have shipped w/ USPS tracking PM'ed except two going to the NW and they are getting some serious storms the whole week. shipping boxes are not water proof so will ship next week to be safe. Boxes are heavy at 25 lbs. and not balanced.
USPS shipping cost also gone up a lot:mad: have to adjust our price next time.
Thanks much guys for your support.
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