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Pacquiao vs Bradley


I asked myself the same thing. But if you look at it a different way, Bradley was the aggressor the entire time. Yes, Pacman was able to get cleaner and better shots off and showed moments of greatness, BUT for most of each round, Pacman was being the counter-puncher. Usually the aggressor will win if it goes the distance. But I do agree that Pacman was robbed in this bout.

Who knows, maybe Pacquiao "lost" on purpose so that the matchup between him and Mayweather will now be possible.
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Bradley the aggressor? How does an aggressor back up the entire fight while their opponent stalks them? Bradley knows he lost. You could see it in his face and hear it in his voice during his post fight interview with Kellerman. I have a feeling the rematch will be similar to when Roy Jones Jr. fought Virgil Hill the second time. Manny is gonna beat that poor boy stupid.
Who knows, maybe Pacquiao "lost" on purpose so that the matchup between him and Mayweather will now be possible.

The announcers were saying that this would actually be tougher now for some reason that eluded me. I believe they also said Mayweather would now fight Bradley.

I'm a complete novice to how boxing works, and from a novice's perspective, it wasn't absolutely clear to me that pacman dominated the fight. I could see how he had stronger hits on Bradley, and MAYBE how he had cleaner shots. But overall, just from the lay person's view, Bradley was definitely taking more shots at pacman.

HBO's announcers also clearly favored pacman in the announcing, always highlighting his hits while downplaying Bradley's hits. They clearly had a bias for pacman.

I dunno how the punch scoring works (software or human tallying) but if the stats that HBO put up were accurate, then I don't see how the judges could have voted for Bradley. And if that tally is accurate, why rely on judges at all? Why not just use those numbers to determine the outcome, especially if it is by software.

Anyways, personally a pacman fan and didn't even know who Bradley was before this fight. Just giving my 2 cents. Also not well versed enough to say whether or not pacman was robbed.

They should just go to sudden death like in Hockey and have a punch-out. Last man standing wins.
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The announcers were saying that this would actually be tougher now for some reason that eluded me. I believe they also said Mayweather would now fight Bradley.

Mayweather and Pac have been trying to set up a fight for years. Personally, I think Mayweather is trying to avoid fighting him simply for the risk of losing his status as "undefeated", because they are both good, equally matched fighters.

Mayweather can now ask why anyone would want him to fight Pacquiao because he lost his last fight and he should be fighting Bradley instead (whom he can probably beat).

So since he beat the fighter that beat Pacquiao, he can essentially say that he can beat Pacquiao without ever fighting him and risk a loss.

I'm just disappointed at the outcome overall. Bad day in sports for me.
Yeah, exactly! From the way it's looking, will most likely want to fight against Bradley.

The fight looked like it was in Pacmans side. He connected much more times with his punches and he was really moving Bradley with his punches! :mad: it sucks!

A lot of the reaction that I've read has been total shock, believing that Pacman should've won! Some people said that Manny was planning to retire after this fight and Bob Arum is trying to get more money. Even Arums post-fight quote was kinda fishy..something along the lines of "the rematch is going to make me a lot of money!" If there is a rematch, you know a lot of people are going to watch since Manny for sure is going for a KO! Don't think much would watch had he won this fight. There's so much chatter with conspiracy theories, etc..but either way, if there is a rematch (since a Manny/Mayweather fight looks almost long gone), go Manny! Go for the KO!
it was a nice pay day for the judges...................:mad:
Couldn't believe the outcome at first. And then I thought, this is boxing, of course I can believe the outcome. If ever the sport wants to know why it loses more and more fans, it's because of outcomes like this.

The 115/113 score wasn't the same fight that I watched. It wasn't even close.
I can't believe people watch boxing. Seems so 1980s.
Watching boxing feels like surfing the web through AOL, or watching standard def TV. Uggg. No thanks. UFC > All.
Im both an MMA and boxing fan. I have watched boxing since the 80's with Hagler, Leonard onto Tyson. I have followed Pac and Mayweather through their amateur years. I've stayed steady not missing either of their fights as they are the biggest draws and I am a fan of Pac and only Mayweather's boxing etiquette in the ring (only).

Bradley, is a good boxer but he honestly did lose. His comments to Arum after the fight completed, was the truth saying, "I tried to beat the guy, but I couldn't!" just the Judge Champ. Manny will always remain the People choice as the Champ. Shocking judge call at the end!

What makes me frustrated about Pac is he did what Marquez did, let off the gas when he should have kept the pedal floored. His acceptance is another, not fighting back on his accomplished win that didn't get the decision.

I hope once Pacs contract expires he promotes a fight on his own with Mayweather to give everyone regardless of this passed weeks event.
Boxing has been on a decline and needs fighters like the biggest draws to keep it alive. No taking away from the up and coming though.

I take it in the next week we will hear a little more on the news or through google by hour on what Manny decides. I feel he should retire and at the same time hope for the fight everyone wants to see. Who knows!
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