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Parts for timing belt procedure

30 April 2004
Olathe, KS
Dear fellow NSX owners:

I am (tenatively) planning on having my timing belt and water pump replaced on my '91 next month. The last time it was done was 08/98, so I don't want to push my luck. I went to Superior Acura in Lenexa, KS and requested a detailed breakdown of all the parts necessary for this procedure. I compared this list with the receipt from the 08/98 job, there were three more items on the list than what the receipt said. The list mentions an adjuster (part # 14510-PR7-A01), a grommet (part # 11816-PR7-000) and a timing belt cover (part # 11810-PR7-A02). These three parts add an additional $250 dollars to the job. Are these three new parts necessary to this job, or can they be excluded? When the TB and WP were replaced back in '98, the timing belt cover was not replaced. Any input you can provide would be great. Thank you in advance.

'91 Red/Ivory
part # 14510-PR7-A01 is needed, especially if it was not replaced last time.

The other two parts should have been replaced during the first change. Did you let them know when you asked for the quote this time that it was done once already? If they were working up a quote and did not know it was done before, their quote is correct.

I suspect the first time the job was done (as it is now) they drilled a hole in the original cover and maybe did not use the grommet.

I drill the hole and use a new grommet when using an older cover. Definately replace 14510-PR7-A01 this time around.

hey Larry, have you ever experienced anyone with a broken tensioner? is it the spring that breaks or bearing?


PS John in case you are not sure which water pump you have, look here to tell the differences.
No I have not experienced a bad tensioner bearing. Some are a little noisier then others:). The spring is only used to set the tension, once set you bolt the pulley in place so the spring is not fatigued in any way, never replaced the spring.