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passenger window won't go up

28 December 2007
Hey Guys,

I lowered my passenger window the other day and it won't go back up. Neither the driver or passenger switch do anything and I've verified the master switch is on. After lots of searching and reading, I've removed the door panel to access it. I've verified I have power to the connector so I ran a jumper wire from the hot lead in the connector directly to each of the connections at the motor and still nothing. At this point I think the motor is toast. From everything I've read that means I need to remove the regulator assembly and send it out to have it rebuilt. Am I missing anything here? Is the motor replaceable seperately? I live in New Hampshire. Can you recommend someplace to have this rebuilt?
I don't suppose there is any way to manually move the cables to get the window back up???

Thanks very much!
When you say 'the master switch is on' do you mean the switch on the driver side that controls if you can control the passenger window? I thought my window was broken once and it was the switch... be sure to play around with it.
The window is currently ALL the way down...

Yes, the master switch is on. I have the door panel off and ran power directly to the motor itself but I get no draw whatsoever. I think I've hit a dead spot in the motor so if there is some way to rotate it manually I can probably get the window to go back up.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to rotate the motor at all?
maybe grab the cables and manually move them or some way to get on the bottom of the window and move it up somehow?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much!
Unfortunately, I had a similar situation with my NSX about a year and a half ago. Found out it is not a good idea to roll down the window when it is cold. I was in Indy (live in FL) and ended up taking the door apart to put some glass back in the hole. It wasn't pretty or fun...but it was that or death by frost bite. Good luck. FYI: the window motor and everything worked fine(after I had it re-installed by a real mechanic) so I didn't have to buy new parts. :rolleyes:
The switch in the drivers door that controls the passenger side window goes bad and verify this by seeing if the passengers side switch raises it. If so it's the switch. Your not the first and not the last. It happened to me as well.
You can't but the switch alone, you have to buy the whole assy together. Maybe Brian K can repair them, best to p/m him and see if he can do anything with it, if not get ready for $200 +.
Call JR at Ray Laks and maybe he can help.

Thanks very much for the information.
The problem is not the motor. It appears to be an electrical issue.