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Pedal to the Metal .......

5 September 2000
Under the gas pedal there is a 2 inch thick plastic that prevents the gas pedal to go all the way in. I remove it and I notice that the pedal will go in more and the throttle body opens little more too. I don't know if it gives quicker acceleration but it sure feels this way. It maybe just a feeling
I don't know.
What do you guys think about this will that make sense ????
Sorry to say this, but it shouldn't make a difference ;-(.
Download the manual, and try to understand how the throthle body is working.
You might have noticed that on the near-end of your pedal, you will find it more difficult to press. What you feel is the spring from the TCS.
I have seen lot of different cars where the throthle did not open fully, but after adjusting the cable, there was no gain in peformance whatsoever.
Have a look at the throtle-valve, and how it works, and you'll understand that the valve is very responsive in the begining (vertical position) and not so responsive when it's nearly horizontal.

Because it's a between the ears thing, you want to be sure though it's fully opened ;-)


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