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Please, anyone in Saint Louis help! This is serious....FRAUD

16 April 2005
I will post much more detail in a few hours, for I have to catch a flight in an hour. I paid $32,000 via wire to a guy in Saint Louis named Tom. I paid $1,700 for my transporter to pickup the car, in which he waited for 2 days at the guy's place of business. In the end, he took off with the car and my money and said the deal is off! My transporter, Almond exotic transporters, had to leave after wasting almost 2 days waiting in the parking lot. Please, I need a good lawyer in the state! Any info is greatly appreciated.

My info: Danny Sottile
Cell # 714-917-7999

All info I have regarding the fraudalauent transaction:

Broker's Name Tom __________?
Business Address: I'll get this info & post it later
It's something like 9646 Olive Avenue; Celluar Store

Cell #: 314-568-9998

VIN: JH4NA1155NT000969
Owner of Vechile: David A. Pheodoro

Bank's address per Wire:
US Bank
12935 North Outer 40 Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63141

Missouri Title #: PD097529

AD Link: http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.j...&advanced=&isp=y&start_year=1991&cardist=1559

I called the police and they told me if I want to press criminal charges that I need to fly into Saint Louis and do it in person. As of right now, I am out 33,700 and no car!!!

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Man that sucks! Why on earth did you wire anything more than a deposit before actually meeting this guy and seeing the car? Im no expert on internet transactions, but I wouldnt even wire the Pope that much money! It would also take ALOT of convincing and proof before i'd even send a deposit for more than 500 bucks. Im sorry this happened, please keep us posted as soon as you find out more info. You also need to contact the FBI. The local police wont be able to do much for you.
Exactly. flights are cheap, you should have flown in, inspected, went to his bank with the seller (title and keys in hand) and then wired the money. This is how I bought mine by the way. And since when does a $30k car need a broker who works at a cellular store?

Good luck in this one, I am sure you will track him down. I would call his bank right away, and get some more info on him.
Wow, that's a lot of money you lost there. :eek: Get some legal advice ASAP!!! If he advertise to you through Autotrader, you should be able to acquire personal jurisdiction over Autotrader in CA (in addition to MO) given that he advertised to you through Autotrader and sold a product to an California person(you)

good luck dude, I hate those kind of people... :cool:
Wow - that is terrible! I am in town but don't have any good lawyer contacts. I will ask around but I wouldn't know where to start.

I think your best bet is with the police/FBI at this point.
but as mentioned before....and not to pour salt on the wound BUT, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU PAY THE ENTIRE AMOUNT before actually even seeing the car??????

and personal jurisdiction is far from the priority of things this guy needs help with. How about a little common sense.
Did anyone go and look at it before sending the money? Did anyone meet the guy? I'm guessing no as the car in the picture looks really worn and sunbaked. The license plate is even bent.
I thought you had an inspection by Steve at St. Louis Acura. I also thought that one of the local Prime members looked at it for you as well. I am confused where this broker came into play here as it is listed by a private seller. This really sucks, but I am not following the progression how the broker was paid when it wasn't his car. Shouldn't the owner be paid and it is his/her responsibility to pay the broker themselves for selling it? I am very sorry to hear about this. I work with attorneys all day long in my job and will ask around.
sjs said:
Needless to say that's a different Steve. And no, I didn't look at it either.

Well , I looked at this car less than a hour ago. Talked to the guy with access to the car not less than an hour ago. There are 2 sides to this situation that needs to be looked at. The guy did not hide any thing about the issues with the car. as well as explained why he would not except the funds from "Paypal" not a bank, (According to the seller/broker) "He did not want to use paypal simply because they do no protect the seller." "He would have limited access to the funds at an immediate time." The 3% as well as the other charge to receive the check. ect ect.

I think the fact that we may not have all of the facts are limiting the complete understanding of what is going on here.

I am compelled to believe that a crook would not sit in the same spot and try to scam a person giving him identification of a law officer, after taking 30K plus from someone else. It seems that both parties did not dot the I and cross the T in this particular sell.

I would hold all calls to a Lawyer, I would also refrain from stringing this guy along based on what was posted here.

He gave no reluctance to sell me the car, nor did he have a problem with calling the owner to sit through the deal.

I have a copy of the Title, PP inspection, Maint records in my hand.
As well as this guys work number, business license, and blood sample. :smile:

I am calling this sketchy!!!!!!!
I will say that I called the Offended this AM to offer a little help, and left a return number.

I hope this is not a case of the boy crying wolf, Because it wastes a lot of peoples time. I don't see how anyone could go through with a sale that was done like this one. After having negative experiences before hand , all kinds of red flags are thrown on this sale, well before the funds were issued.
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gobble said:
The buyer offered payment by Paypal? Any seller would be out of his mind to accept that.

I don't know if that is fact, That is simply what I was told. I was just as upset as everyone else about this "Fraud" however after looking at the car and hearing the other side of the equation, I would stand clear of the entire situation. If the funds were sent by Paypal and then refunded back Paypal, I could see the money being hung up in the system.
Good luck with getting your $$$'s back.
If the transaction was direct through a checking/savings account, they don't charged 3% ....and btw, in the 1st sentence, he stated he was catching a flight...so that explains why he hasn't posted yet.... :wink:

hope everything gets resolved...
Wow, I just want a nice low mile car..Geez, H Christ....I PAID TOM $30,500 dollars with US CASH via Wells Fargo Bank. I was then going to Paypal the rest (1,500 or send another wire) once we got the issue straight about the car being misrepresented. Yes, when I sent the money and when I sent my transporter, I thought it was a 94, as advertised. I even had Gene, the gentlemen with the turbo'd NSX and STEVE MOSS from the dealership look at it!!!!Jeez A CHRIST, I send my transporter there along with a god@%@ $30.5k deposit, and the piece of shit turns out to be a 92 and a snapring.....This is the 6th car that I have been burnt on...........I paid Gary Almond, $1,700 while this assclown sits around playing games. No, it's FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RSO 34 said:
This story just doesn't seem to pass the "sniff test." I am curious as to why the originator of this thread states he already owns a '94 NSX as indicated in his signature and in this other post. http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showpost.php?p=446963&postcount=78 It doesn't seem to be the car in the ad because the wheels in the ad appear to be OEM.

Sorry, I was too excited to get the car since I had searched for 8 months, and wasted a lot of time and money with 5 other cars that were misrepresented to me......Yes, I thought the car I was buying was a 94. And also, I ordered all those parts in the sig from Chris @ SOS for install upon delivery of the car to his shop(was to be today). Then, I send the money, the transporter, and guess what, yep, # 6!!!!!!!


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wouldn't a simple carfax report tell you the year of the vehicle?
or did he post a false vin number
Account Summary

Account Activity - All Activity            Account Activity - All Activity 
            [I]Date  Description Amount 
            05/13/05 BILL PAY $758.70  
            05/13/05 A26 FOOTHILL PAYRLL DEP xxxxxxx 0000 $6,801.93  
            (pending) +
            05/11/05 INTEREST PAYMENT $0.64  +
            05/11/05 PAYPAL INST XFER xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx6RA THE SPEED ASYLUM 
            05/10/05 CHECK # 97 $100.00   
       05/09/05  WT FED#xxxxx U.S. BANK,N.A. /FTR/BNF=david a. pheodoro SRF# 
           xxxxxxxxxxxxx TRNxxxxxxxRFB# $30,500.00
           05/09/05 DEPOSIT $2,611.18  +
            05/06/05 DEPOSIT $650.00  +
            05/05/05 WELLS FARGO CENT Exp Rpt Pm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Danny Sottile 
            Jr. $1,566.45  +
            05/04/05 NON-WELLS FARGO ATM TRANSACTION FEE $2.00   
            05/04/05 ATM WITHDRAWAL - 2700 Mission CMarriott SSanta Clara CA 
            0604 $302.95   
            05/03/05 BILL PAY AMEX CC #4 ON-LINE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ON 05-03 $85.00 
            05/03/05 BILL PAY Citi CC #2 RECURRING xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ON 05-03 
            05/03/05 BILL PAY PayPal CC #3 RECURRING xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ON 05-03 
            05/03/05 BILL PAY Chase CC #1 RECURRING xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ON 05-03 
            05/02/05 NON-WELLS FARGO ATM TRANSACTION FEE $2.00   
            05/02/05 ATM WITHDRAWL - 5138 LAUREL CUN BLVD N HO CA 0604 $20.99   
            05/02/05 NON-WELLS FARGO ATM TRANSACTION FEE $2.00   
            05/02/05 NON-WELLS FARGO ATM TRANSACTION FEE $2.00   
            0604 $261.50   
            05/02/05 WT FED#xxxxxxxxxxxx WACHOVIA BANK NA O /ORG=MADISON CAPITAL LLC 
            SRF# xxxxxxxxxxxxxx TRN#xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [/I] RFB# $28,970.00  +
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Have you tried to contact the owner of the car?
Explain to them what has happened with their seller/broker?
I would call them and provide them with the info that you are providing here.
Let them know that you have given the seller/broker the funds that were asked for in turn for their interest/ownership in the car.
Do you have a copy of the Title? It has their info on it.
Good luck.