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Please don't put coins or loose junk in your coin tray!

10 September 2002
I spent the evening working on my NSXs, washing, cleaning, fixing, and tackling some of my DIY projects.

I mentioned this before in another thread, but I found a bunch of loose change and other garbage under my 93 center console and around the e-brake handle. My guess is that this crap probably got knocked around while driving and fell into the e-brake hole. Below are a couple of photos showing only a small fraction of the crap I found under the center console, and it was a PITA to get out. Do your car a favor and don't put small objects in the coin tray!

You can see some of the stuck pennies by the e-brake handle here. I had to use a tweezer to get them out.

Some of the junk that I found so far (including a coin wrapper, somebody was into coins!). There's more under the seats, but I have to remove the seats to get to it. :mad:
I used to put my wedding ring in there when I was going on dates but I haven't seen it in years. I wonder if that's where it went.


I'm thinking there's a good chance it could be in there. You wouldn't believe the amount of change I found under there, probably at least $3-$4 in coins. Good luck!
I found two AA batteries lodged down there when I took my center console apart, I lol'd.
I found the original owner's drivers license from Illinois under my console, as well as an electronic parking pass. I still have the drivers license with all the bills for the car.
I found the previous owners california conceal carry permit!:eek: It was still valid when I got the car, I still have it.
the worst is when you here a grinding sound cuz a quarter or penny has fallen into the seat tracks and your basiclly crushing the coin like a train would.

in my 1996 NSX Build I was like why doesnt the seat go all the way back, there was a full pencil lodged in the seat track getting crushed LOL not easy to get out once it been forced into a small space by torque from the seat motor.

but I have found coins and stuff down in the e-brake myself.

the trick is to make sure you SPEND those coins before they FILL the coin tray up. so they dont slide out during turns