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Porter Cable attachment pads?

7 November 2007
Charlotte, NC
I recenlty purchased a Porter Cable orbitor to detail my cars. I have heard a lot about how fantasitc they are and how they are very safe for even the basic detailer (which I am).

What I am confused about is what pad or pads should I be using for detailing my cars. :confused: It comes with the thick white foam pad but I have seen and heard others talk about different covers, can anyone explain the difference and where you can get them? I want to make sure that I am doing this right before I touch it to any paint.

Thanks in advance:smile:
I get mine from www.autogeek.net they have a huge selection and will talk you through it if need be.

I like the Lake Country pads, you'll probably need a couple orange, a few white and a couple black.

Orange = light cutting with a abrasive polish to help remove and reduce swirls, scratches, oxidation and such...

White = cleaning pad for removal of oxidation and finish down with final polishes after the orang pad...

Black = waxing

1st thing get the 6" Counter Weight + the 6" Backing Plate for Porter Cable 7424 this will alow you to use Cutting Pad, Light Cutting Pad, Polishing Pad, Finishing Pad, Fine Finishing Pad

this website will give you all the info you need on Auto Detailing + they have good products!
To guide>http://www.detailedimage.com/guides.php
To buy>http://www.detailedimage.com/
Thanks to all! This has been very helpful. I will surf the sites tonight and make a purchase. Wanted to make sure that I was doing this right before I messed somthing up big time.