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Problems, help, please

14 May 2001
Cherry Hill NJ USA
guys, I need lots of help. I am having problems with my 99 NSXT. 1)the car pulls to either side during hard breaking (dealers said tire problems) 2) car rattles and shakes violently above 120 mph (dealer said tires again) 3) Car jerks when back off on throttle off the first gear when not warmed up (is this normal) 4) regardless of what rpm I start when going into first gear, there is a lot of clutch chatter (car shakes, vibration in the clutch pedal when depressed above 6000rpm (dealer contribute these problem due to worn clutch) Okay, so far I have 18000 miles, are all these problems normal wear and tear problem? Are deals diagnostics right on target?
I agree, check those tires and wheels. Unbalanced tires can cause huge problems. Also, depending on the type of tire they may end up being inherently unbalanced. I found that my FZ-4's would shake no matter how many times I had them balanced. Cheap tires are not worth the extra couple hundred bucks you save.

What kind of tires are you running?
You have a lot of variable going on here. Start with the basics.

Check balance on all tires/wheels. Check alignment. This should fix the shaking over 120 and hopefully the pulling when you stop.

If the car still pulls when you stop, check brakes.

Any manual transmission car will jerk some if you jump on/off the throttle in first gear. To tell if what your car is doing is normal or not would be difficult without being in the car.

Does this clutch chatter happen when you are sitting still or only when driving? Does it vary with engine speed? Road speed?
4) regardless of what rpm I start when going into first gear, there is a lot of clutch chatter

This is probably because you are not using the proper technique to engage the clutch from a stop: blipping the throttle and engaging the clutch as the revs are FALLING. This is described in the good ol' FAQ (answers to Frequently Asked Questions). Go to the table of contents at http://www.nsxprime.com/toc.htm Under the "Troubleshooting" heading, click on "Clutch" and then read what it says under "Why Do I Get A "Shudder" From My Clutch?".