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problems with NSX mailing lists ?

13 May 2001
Chicago, IL
I received a number of "welcome" messages from several NSX mailing lists (nsx, nsx-tech, midwest), and need to adjust my subscription settings (as several of these are for email accounts I can no longer send from).

The webpage is currently down http://lists.nsxca.org/mailman/options/nsx/[email protected]

For that matter, I am having problems accessing nsxca.org in general.

Are there any problems with the LIST server?
Originally posted by Lud:
I believe things are "in transition" - see http://www.nsxprime.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/003105.html

I know it is basically all a volunteer effort and all that but would it have killed someone to send out an e-mail to the list(s) telling people that the lists were going to be moving?
Minor annoyance dept: selecting "reply all" to get the original poster's address no longer works - making it more difficult to private someone. Oh well, you can't please everyone...

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would it have killed someone to send out an e-mail to the list(s) telling people that the lists were going to be moving?

The list administrator has been having e-mail problems all this past week, and this is why he was unable to do this.

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i'm having strange problem with the list. I set my list to "digest" mode and I do get the digest...however, I get only one or two messages in digest and all the others come in single emails. Anyone having this same problem or do I have some set up wrong??
The lists have been moved to a new server, which has a web-based interface for setting personal options. These use a different domain for all the lists, @server.nsxca.org The lists under the old domain @listserv.nsx.net are also temporarily available. It sounds like you are receiving digests from the @listserv.nsx.net domain and individual messages from the @server.nsxca.org domain.

Here are instructions for changing your subscription in the new @server.nsxca.org domain to digest mode:

1. Go to http://lists.nsxca.org/mailman/listinfo/nsx (for other lists - tech, midwest, etc - replace "nsx" with the name of the list)

2. Enter your e-mail address and click "edit options"

3a. If you know your password, select the options you want. For digest mode, "Set digest mode" should be on, and I would suggest selecting plain text digests for the following question. Fill in your password and click "submit my changes", and you're done.

3b. If you don't know your password, click "email my password to me". Once you receive it, you can proceed as noted above.