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Product alert: STMPO front chassis bars in stock at Source 1!!

24 March 2007
Hey everyone, I have 5 Front chassis bars here in stock at Source 1 for the Midwest area!

I have :

1 White
1 Yellow
1 Red
2 Black

All in stock. These parts are AMAZING! Myself and cl65captain ( Jim ) both have these on our cars and highly recommend them! You can FEEL the difference.

Here is some info:

The STMPO RACE PRODUCTS NSX Front Chassis Reinforcement Bar replaces the existing OEM steel tie down brackets with laser cut steel replica's welded to a 1 1/2 " chromoly tube in between for a more ridged front chassis. This set up adds a sturdy reinforcement up front without the additional weight since we replicated the OEM tie down brackets a bit thinner to make up for the light weight chromoly bar.

This bar comes welded in one piece... not a 3-6 piece "bolt on and adjust with brackets" system. This is also not aluminum or a bent aluminum piece for that matter... that advertises additional chassis support. This is the real deal in added chassis reinforcement.

The STMPO RACE PRODUCTS NSX Front Chassis Reinforcement Bar is welded here and finished by the owners request. We fabricate and finish all of our products in house please leave finishing requests in the note section. Feel free to call or email us.

Installation is easy but does require minor cuts to be made to the plastic air dam in front for exact fitment. The bar does utilize the stock bolts when you replace the tie-down brackets.

We are offering a SPECIAL price on these 5 Bars!

$330.00 INSTALLED!!

Call 513-300-9122 My Cell or call the shop at 513-722-0223 to schedule and choose your color.

The price after these 5 bars are gone will be going up so jump on one now!
Those in the pic look blue sir!

Brian pulled that pic from a thread. STMPO products come individualy wrapped in their own boxes.

The bars that SourceOne has are all bubblewrapped and boxed to insure a perfect part.

There are many pics on both threads... or call sourceone or us with questions...

Thanks for commenting...

I have this bar and I recommend everyone to get one.