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Prospective NSX owner

1 May 2008
Just thought I'd stick my head in and give my salutations to you all. After driving one of these bad boys I made up my mind: the NSX is the car for me. The clutch, the steering wheel, the ergonomics and everything else fit me in a, dare i say it? Perfect fashion. And on top of that it's a Supercar.

I'll probably be getting an early '90s model (a manual of course) as being I have only ~$30,000~ to spend on this car. I'll be looking for one for real in about August/September.
Congrats on the observation who's car did you drive?
Almost forgot, but when the time comes to buy I'm willing to go to anywhere in the continental U.S. for an NSX, so I might ask you guys to look at the car for me before I travel to much to avoid bad buys considering you're knowledge is greater than mine. (Or I could just buy one in our classified section, some real 'beuts there)