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Purchased an NSX and drove it cross country from California to Virginia

1 September 2008
Springfield, VA
Hey there! I registered this account 5 years ago, knowing that one day I would own an NSX...

Last month, I place a bid on an auction for an NSX in Oakland, CA. Long story short, I deposited the money into the seller's bank account, he sent over the title/bill of sale, and I registered the car. Originally, I thought about having it shipped over to Virginia, but then I figured it would be more of a memorable experience to drive it cross country and get to know the car. I booked a 1 way ticket to California and brought a backpack, registration, and the Virginia license plates. My plan was to take it to the Pacific Coast Highway and Pike's Peak in Colorado before heading back to Virginia.

After I arrived at the airport, the seller picked me up in the NSX and showed me the car + showed me around town before saying farewell. My first stop was Napa Valley, followed by San Francisco where I stayed for a night. When I was in San Fran, I picked up a friend who decided to roll down the window. And that's where I ran into the first problem. It made some strange noise and wouldn't go back up. That night, I left the window down and then next day, I drove down to Huntington Beach via the Pacific Coast Highway. I left at noon and got there at 10:20 p.m. to meet up with some friends to watch World War Z (Good movie BTW!).


The next day, I went to Target and picked up a cheap toolset. I opened the door panel and noticed the cable was just hanging and some plastic pieces had broken off as well as a U shaped piece that was just laying inside the door. Also, when I pushed the up/down button for the window, the cable would barely move. It sounded like it was tangled up. I did some research here and apparently, that's a common problem in the older NSX. Luckily, I found another member who was selling the passenger side regulator (a modded one to prevent that from happening) so I went ahead and bought it off of him. In the mean time, I pulled the window up by hand. Without the cable, the window would slide down so I jammed some water bottles and misc items to prop the window up for the drive back East (I did this halfway into the trip in Kansas).



I left Huntington Beach on Wednesday morning and went to Page, Arizona where I saw the Milky Way at night and Antelope Canyon during the day time.




On Thursday morning, I headed to Salida, Colorado to stay for the night before heading to Pike's Peak. Unfortunately, it took longer than expected due to forest fires. I tried to take 160 north to Salida, but the road was closed. The sky got smokey and ashes started to fall from the sky. So I had to head down south east and make a detour back up north.

On Friday morning, I headed to Pike's Peak, which is a little over an hour from Salida. The drive up to the peak took another hour or so. I mounted my GoPro, thinking that I would be one of few to do it, but I saw a bunch of people doing the same thing. The drive up to the top was amazing. There were many cars going up so I had to pull over to the side and wait a few minutes to have some room to zoom up.


Here's the video:

Afterwards, I headed to Salina, Kansas where I stayed for the night. Basically, the rest of the trip was just driving back to Virginia and not visiting anything since my time is limited (I took a week off and need to be back by July 1st for work). I must say, the drive across Kansas was not as exciting as the Western part of the U.S.

On Saturday, I spent all of my time driving from Salina, Kansas to Richmond, Indiana where I stayed for the night. On Sunday, I left Indiana at 9 a.m. and arrived in Springfield, VA at 5:30 p.m.

Another interesting thing happened. I decided to make a rest stop right after Indianapolis, Indiana. As I got out of the restroom, I looked outside and saw an NSX on a trailer pull up into the rest stop. I talked to the owner and it turns out, he's on this forum. What are the chances of that?


During this trip, I saw 3 NSX. A newer model silver one in San Fran and a black one during my drive down to PCH.
Another interesting thing happened. I decided to make a rest stop right after Indianapolis, Indiana. As I got out of the restroom, I looked outside and saw an NSX on a trailer pull up into the rest stop. I talked to the owner and it turns out, he's on this forum. What are the chances of that?

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Seeing another NSX at a rest stop (chances are few)
The other owner being on NSXPrime (Chances are extremely high!) Majority of owners are on this forum.

Great story, Continue to enjoy the car!
Really enjoyed this :)
Congrats and thank you for sharing.
Awesome, congrats!! I'm glad you chose the cross country route as it's an extremely memorable and unique opportunity to go cross country with such and awesome car and not have to turn around and go back :) I went from SF to NC, looks like we took different routes though.
welcome great story to go with your purchase. btw the seller never mentioned the window :rolleyes:
Great story with pictures. Looks like you had a good adventure. Driving the NSX home from buying it was one of my most favorite road trips
Thanks for sharing such a great adventure. Come to NSXPO here in Raleigh in October.....you are so close. This will be your next great NSX adventure.

John Komar and Steve LaClair - Co-Chairs NSXPO 2013
Welcome back; I drove my NSX from California as well ~ awesome drive! Hope to see you at some of the local Cars and Coffee meets!
Great trip! Loved the write-up and pics for a number of reasons. The drive home after buying an NSX is one of the most magical experiences I've ever had. Your cross-country adventure is one that you'll never forget. How was Antelope Canyon? From the looks of that dusty back bumper, you had the opportunity to do a little off-roading near Page! I also found your video of Pikes Peak very timely. I'll be GoPro'ing the same thing a week from tomorrow. I'm heading out to DEN in my ILX and Pikes is on my to-drive list for sure. Thanks for sharing your story, congrats on the purchase, and here's to many more miles of fun.
Congrats and awesome story!
Congratulations. I've bought two NSXs and drove both of them to San Antonio from the east coast. IMO, if you have the car shipped, you are missing an important step in the ownership of this car. You miss the opportunity to get to know the previous owner and for me if the previous owner isn't a little bit emotional about selling it, I worry a little. On both of my purchases it was an emotional event for both the seller and I. You'll miss the chance to get valuable continuous hours of road time to get to know your car and find out its quirks and those hopefully minor things that you'll want to address. And most importantly you'll miss out on an amazing adventure and a smile that no one can slap off of your face. What a great way to start ownership. You have a memory that will last forever.
Great write up. Congrats. Just curious, why are you running with you headlights up (noticed in the Pikes Peak video)?
I wanna know who the member is. speak up Mr. secret

Shawn, I'm the owner he met at the rest stop. I'm also the owner that was asking about "trailering an NSX" that you commented on. (as you can see from the picture, I think I did ok). I just found it crazy to run into Risen 1) at this time of night and 2) after talking with him, finding out he left California the same day I did. Him of course taking the northern route and me the southern route.

One other thing, my wife is the one driving the pick-up that was pulling the NSX. I was driving a Penske rental truck. She wanted to stop for a bathroom break. I tried to talk her into waiting it out, as we were "only" 2 hours away from our destination. After some convincing "threatening", I agreed to stop. She still brings it up today, how if I didn't listen to her, I wouldn't have met another great NSX owner. LOL I don't think I will ever live this down.
Congrats and welcome - wonderful story and adventure - you will no doubt never forget it! Great to see another NSX in Virginia too. Cheers, Jay