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Question about boring FRM cylinders...

2 June 2010
I hope you guys dont mind too much, but i'm coming over from s2ki.com/socal and i had some questions about boring/honing FRM cylinders. the c32 and f20c/f22c share common cylinder wall technology which makes them very difficult to bore/hone properly. Some machine shops flat out wont do it, and some that say they can actually do it, but poorly. My question is, does anyone know of any socal places that can actually do the job properly. Ive found some places that have done s2000s, and prelude motors (all FRM lined) w/out a hitch on the east coast, but would like to know if anyone knows of anyone local who actually can tackle the job.

Thanks in advance for any help

- Simba
You can't bore the frm sleeves, they have a special gelcoat on there. If it is even scratched then the sleeve is no good anymore. You cannot even bore it 1/100000ths. You have to resleeve the block if anything.