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Question about the future of the Type S?

2 May 2021
I was late to the game…….

The NSX was always on my “List” but didn’t move to the top until I heard late …..it was in its final production year. My “Toy” at the time was a 2019 Vantage. Contacting Acura…. I missed the cutoff to place an order for a 2021. When I heard about the Type S….. too late for that too! Picked up a 2017 a couple months ago.

Finally to my question…..

My guess since such a limited production total of 300 units….. This Type S….. has already been relegated to “Collectors Status”?

And as such…pretty much non attainable….. unless someone really has a bug up their ass and has to have one…..and of course pay the premium too!

With the track history of Acura taking forever to put out this 2nd gen….. coupled with it barely selling any units in its 5+ years of production…..

I wouldn’t hold my breath for a 3rd Gen….

Thoughts on both?
Hi! Congrats on your purchase!

I think all NC1s will be collectible—including your 2017 so nice pick up! The Type S a bit more so but all of them will track together.

I think a representative already confirmed that the next (3rd) generation NSX will be electric.
The timing of the eNSX will be speculated plenty.

Honda has been beyond slow to put eCars in the showrooms and they have to focus of real volume products like eCRVs.

Toyota finally showed their hand and it's big.

With the NSX Type S you have a bunch of initial customers, for example:

Dealerships who want for themselves, friends and family, eventual flips.
Gen 2 trade ups and add tos.
Gen 1 trade ups and add tos.
Honda heads who feel the Type S addressed shortcomings in the Gen 2.
Anybody who had been fence sitting and feared missing out.
Collectors who focus on limited run models.
Third party exotic dealerships.

So now you kind of have to see how many drop out after the road tests come out (maybe the Type S is only marginally better, so get a non Type S and put the new Pirellis on in and save $50K).

I agree with VTACH that all of the Gen 2 cars will have a collector following but I stink at predicting. I thought the Ring Edition LFAs would be worth less in the future than the regular ones and they are now worth double.