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Questions about paint bubble

22 November 2001
I went to take delivery of my MCS tonight and immediately noticed a paint bubble right above the drivers side door handle. Its about the size of a large pinhead in a spot where I'll see it every time I open the door. The drivers side door also had a noticable chip in the edge of it. So much for Mini quality control. I'm surprised this could have escaped the factory.

The consensus was that there is contamination at the paint level, below the clearcoat. They're going to send it to the body shop and have it wetsanded to try and remove the blemish. I'm not too concerned about the chip in the edge of the door, but the paint bubble bothers me and I won't buy the car if it can't be removed.

I know enough about paintwork to know that this bubble probably can't be fixed without a repaint of the door. Wetsanding the flaw means sanding through the clearcoat which doesn't sound like a good thing.

Has anyone else had or seen a similar situation? Does Mini have local reps that take care of customers when there is a manufacturing problem like this? What can I expect Mini to do?
No doubt about it, have them find you another mini. I am surprised to hear this got by the quality control people.
Update..They gave me a $500 discount to take the car and I was able to have a body shop friend remove the blemish in about 5 minutes. It ended up being something just in the clear coat that could be wet sanded out.