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Questions on RM sway bar/Bilstein/stock shocks(long)

22 November 2001
Peoria, AZ
I removed my RM sway bars yrs ago and wish to re-install them along with Bilstein HD shocks/stock springs on my'93 NSX. My questions are:
1. I understand the reasoning for sway bars on the track, but in the "non-perfect" world of street use, (especially in Rhode Island), isn't their use going to reduce the opposite side wheel's ability to contact adequately or affect the wt.transfer when cornering over a bump,surface imperfections,etc? I mean, the reason I removed them was that when driving over let's say a pothole on the left side, I noticed that there was a distinct harshness in ride quality I believed is attributed to the sway bar reducing the body flex causing the opp side to respond to the impact-->reducing independent suspension absorption.
Now isn't it logical to assume this would reduce handling/gripping power if one side hits a bump or say a hard left turn,the road is sloped for flooding on the rt side, isn't the left wheel going to lose it's flexed grip on that left side,lifting up the left wheel,decreasing it's grip?

2. Anyone happy with their lower perch setting on the Bilstein HD shocks w/stock springs? Is there a decay in ride with the spring already pre-loaded?

3. the stock springs are linear, right?

4. Why does the NSX need both sway bars, when most understeering cars just use a rear one? (ie. my S4Avant)
sorry for the length,too much caffeine tonite!