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Quick confirmatory fitment question

12 July 2006
Niagara Falls/Toronto, Canada
Had my NSX for 11 years now and I've never changed the wheels so I'm ready for something new. Since some of you guys change your wheels as frequent as your socks, I figured someone would be able to confirm if these wheels would be suitable.

Any issues with;

17x8 +35 (215/40)
18x9.5 +22 (also available in +38) (265 or 275/35)

Right now I'm on OEM struts with HR springs but I can't handle how low it is and harsh it rides with the extra weight of a passenger so I'm going to Bilstein / OEM springs on the low perch if that changes things in regards to fitment.

Thanks in advance
what wheels?
i know there has to be a post about this somewhere on this forum but i would say i run a 19x9.5 +25 265 30 19 tire on it for my rears lowered on coilovers and my car is the lowest in my family. rears fit perfectly for my preference, flush/very slight poke. Best of luck to you!