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r4m3n / tigerbalm / etc?

20 June 2007
Denver, CO
Hey guys.. I'd like to post this in the community so that the *BUYERS BEWARE* (should have done it sooner)

I was giving him benefit of the doubt (bad past) with this guy but once I saw him attack the NSX community that I dearly love, I had to step in.

I don't want to post specifics of what he's done in the past but he has a tendency of "screwing people" over... I thought that would change as years went on (learning from your mistakes) but I still wanted to keep an eye out since I heard from the grape vine that he had a NSX.

Once I started seeing negative itrader ratings/reviews & also him making another username to sell his parts.. that's when I knew something had to be sketch.

For whoever has gotten "screwed" by him or missing stuff from what he has sold you etc please get in contact with me and I'll try to get something done for you. I'm a very upfront & honest guy and hate seeing people (esp. NSX community) get screwed even if it might be a small thing, it's all about morals.

The reasoning for this thread is that I want the community to just be aware of him (Jonathan Andrew Ahn) he can go by many different names (which i'm not sure about) r4m3n, tigerbalm, p3dobear(something like that)

-Very cool up front guy in beginning then gets shady once business is done
-Will take your money doesn't care
-Owes people money
-Shady shady shady shady..

I'm sure he's sold stuff on PRIME and had no problem with it but let's get this straight here, it's never RIGHT to screw anyone over.

Sorry for the long post.. I could have wrote a book about this guy but just want to see what I can do for the community

Thank you Dan for watching out for the car community.

I have been promised a couple of small items and was never sent those. Though they are small items a few hundred bucks is still a lot to me. I believe it is a lot to anyone. You work hard for your money and for someone to take that away just boils my blood.

I have been buying/selling parts/cars in this hobby for over 10 years now. Never have been screwed over. I have always kept my gaurd up when buying and have had great success and have met wonderful people over the years across the country. The last place I thought i'd ever get taken for is NSX Prime. One slip was all it took for my luck.

Please be aware and stay safe guys.
I got a text message today from *r4m3n/tigerbalm* (johnathan ahn) he said he was going to clear things up but hasn't confirmed it with another text. ill update

i bought a set of Tein flex coilover with edfc coilover from f4m3n(Jonathan Ah) on 11-19-2011. and he said: he will start removing them for the car. i still have all the text message we been texting.. payment was sent on 11-19-2011 thru paypal for $1030.. then i never heard from him again..

i contracted paypal, paypal said: b/c the item is not from ebay, so is not cover any, which i still lost $1030 till today.

the paypal address i sent to :[email protected]
text #: 720-530-5568

just can't believed this will happen in NSX community. people like that dont deserved to drive/own an NSX.
I bought an 02+ rear valence and tail lights from him last week. I received the parts on Monday. Other than the rear valence being slightly more damaged than I had hoped, everything was as described.
I don't understand this ... PayPal should protect the Buyer & Seller as middle man. You can raise a dispute, as long as you don't send as gift. Am I missing something here ? One time I had to raise a dispute and manage to get my money back (at least a portion of it). You just need to proof that you tried to resolved (e-mail would be the best).

Never ever send PayPal as GIFT, then you will have no protection whatsoever.

I never heard that PayPal did not protect due to non eBay transaction.

after our first chat with text.. he has yet to respond to anything (typical)

ill see if anything changes

A quick google search based off of his phone number shows he's been using other names on Ducati and gun forums too. Some as recent as 2 days ago.

[email protected] (different email address)
I sent funds for a Na2 Difflow, he immediately stopped replying to my pm's. After about 3 weeks of asking "Hey have you sent the package yet?", he finally messaged me back saying he's too busy to ship it??? He did however refund my money. What pissed me off was the fact that I basically unwillingly loaned some guy that I don't even know $500.00 for 3weeks.