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Radio buttons not working

30 June 2022
Hello everyone this is my first post on the forums. I own a 96 NSX and the 1-8, tune, AM/FM buttons do not work whatsoever. They worked awhile ago and now they don't. They light up but when pushing them they don't respond. My radio is stuck at a random station, I have taken out the radio unit and check to see if the ribbons got loose yet after numerous attempts are trying to diagnose the issue I have had no luck. Curious on if anyone knows what could be the issue or if you have encountered this.:confused::confused:
Check the operation of either the Select or the Seek button. Depending on their operation they disable channel selection from the 8 buttons. Consult your owner's manual because it has been a long time since I used the radio function. Pressing the correct button may get you back into 'normal' mode. I managed to disable all the buttons on my front faceplate when I took the head unit apart to clean stuff off the inside of the display. In that case none of the buttons worked / lit up; but, it was just a problem of failing to seat the ribbon cable in the receiver. Since your buttons light up I don't think its a ribbon cable problem.

If it turns out that it is not a simple problem, you may have better luck trying Brian K at NSXE-REPAIR.com
A while ago a user reported issues with a row of buttons not working due to mechanical issues (a warped plastic piece).
If possible, disassemble the front plate, remove the facia and try if the buttons work when pressing them directly on the PCB.

On a second thought, this is likely not the issue since AM/FM is affected as well.
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I had the same problem with my radio last year, i couldn't tune off of the first preset,it ended up being a frozen button on the sister board for the presets. I sent it out for repair and the radio has worked fine ever since.