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rattling noise after timing belt service

2 April 2011
I just want to report an issue occurred due of a non-correct alignment of the timing belt
After Timing Belt replaced, at idle the engine did a low tone rattling
The noise seemed to come from the clutch area, like a wearied bearing or as if a gear shaft was in resonance with the engine idle.
The engine started and ran regularly, no noise when idling cold, but as soon as it warmed and the idle decrease to 800 rpm the noise began
Just accelerating to 900 rpm was enough to make the noise disappear
I was thinking at some problem at the gearbox because the noise seemed coming from that area
At the end the mechanic agrees to recheck the alignment of the timing belt. We use the Tutorial of the NSX prime (the one showing the use of two pin punch inserted in the cams) and discovered that the cams of the rear head were misaligned, roughly half tooth out of alignment. The infamous difficulty to see the reference on the block…
The mechanic properly realigned the pulleys and now the engine run idle without noise
Wanted just to share this experience I had with noise caused by misalignment of timing belt, hopefully that maybe can be helpful to someone