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Read this first!!!

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26 September 2003
Please familiarize yourself with the rules for the marketplace located HERE

and here:


Number 1 rule violated is the bump rule. You can only bump or reply to your ad once a month. That means the day of the month can be the same but the month must advance at least by 1.
i.e. ad posted 2/10/2012
bump on 3/10/2012

example of breaking the rule:
ad created 3/1/2012
bump on 3/31/2012
wait until 4/1/2012 or later

If you made a mistake on your ad, go back and edit it.
If you want to add pictures to it, go back and edit it.
Only time you are allowed to break this rule is to say the item is closed so a moderator can close the thread.
If your ad is too old to edit, then send a PM to one of the moderators and we will make the changes you would like.

Number 2 violation: You may only list an ad once. Do not create a new ad the following month for the same item. That is what the bump is for.
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