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2 April 2001
Good news is that there is a Professional HID kit, and it is the only one of its kind in the world that you can purchase for $600 with free shipping worldwide. The company is on the web and the address is

You need to select the "Gas Discharge" link and then select the "HID Kits" link on the next page and then scroll to the bottom of the page and select the 9006 kit. Email Autolamps and tell them you want the 9006 NSX kit and that the Doc refered you! This is the only plug and play kit available for the NSX. It will allow you to retain the OEM “Weather Cap Seal” it will be "Beam Pattern Correct", you will NOT have to modify anything including the infamous “Bulb Retainer Clip”. You will NOT have to adjust your headlamps! In fact you will be able to reinstall your stock halogens one day if need be with no problems! It is truly a “PLUG AND PLAY” kit. I have installed this kit in my car after my first costly and not successful attempt to convert using a 1st generation Phillips kit. Moreover, so that others would not make the mistake that I did, I am currently working closely with autolamps-online to provide a kit specific for the NSX, which will be available any day now. I am also working with the http://www.nsxprime.com/ site and will be posting a Step by step instruction sheet in the “FAQ” section on how to do this conversion safely and most importantly easily! In fact, you will need no specialty tools to do the conversion. You just have to be able to use a 10mm wrench/socket and Phillips screwdriver and a couple of other hand tools. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Do one need to buy the low beam and high beam?

The 9006 kit only replaces the low beams.

I believe all factory (OEM) HID lights on the market are for low beam only, except for certain new Mercedes models.
No foolin?

Was happy to see this string posted on the 2nd, rather than 1st day of the month...

Anybody else try this things out?Im sure im not the only 1 who would appreciate some comments from people with 1st hand experience with these units....

As oakland mentioned he and I have been talking via e-mail about this on and off for a while. It started as a nice write-up from him on how to make the autolamps kit fit an NSX.

That was very cool but the only problem was it was a complicated installation that required soldering, etc. But now they are going to produce an actual NSX kit so the install should be a breeze.

I'll be buying one right away and will post about the installation and results.
It's like I've woken up from a dream. Is this for reals? Lud, how soon can we expect results or updates on this? I can barely keep my excitement down.
I would hope within a month or so...? I think they are trying to work out some final details.

Just to clarify, I have nothing to do with the manufacture of the kit or components, I just intend to buy one as soon as it is available and will let everyone know what I think.
Call me stupid, but what are the advantages of a HID system, I have never driven in any car with this system so I have no first hand experience. I am actually quite happy with the illumination my NSX provides.
Thanks Oakland.

Ken I agree the illumination of the OEM halogens on the NSX are far better than alot of other cars with halogen technology on the road. I am not the expert here but just an NSX enthusist and owner that wanted to convert my car to HID lighting. The expert is Autolamps-online.com The owner of this company used to work for Phillips and helped develop HID lighting technology for Automotive applications. There is a section of the website that educates consumers of what the advantages are concerning HID lighting technology. Alot has to do with the lighting spectrum that the human eye can use best and efficiently as we age. Apparently the spectrum of HID around 4200K (Kelvin) is better for the Human eye. I strongly recomend you read the section/link "How and Why" on the autolamps site.

Hope this helps and stay tuned all!
Ken to further answer your question. From personal experiance driving the NSX with HID installed. The road signs and even the road paint illuminate like never before.
Just to update everone that's interested in the HID kit. The owner of Autolamps and I are still ironing out some final details for the NSX specific kit. The kit should be ready to go in a couple of weeks. It is difficult with me living in the states and the company in the UK. But the kit will be ready soon and You will not have regrets once you have this in your cars! If anyone has any questions feel free to email me personally.

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the NSX projectors are the best. It surely deserves the HID upgrade! I personally can't live without anymore. HID and NSX is a definate combination!

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