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Rear motor mount broken?

10 April 2005
I was under the rear of the car the other day, and noticed that the rubber bushing inside the rear motor mount appears to be torn. There was a gap part way around the inner portion of the bushing that I could see right through.

This isn't normal, is it? I've only had the car 5 days and am not real familiar with it yet.

If it IS torn, can one purchse just the bushing and press in a new one, or is the mount sold complete with bushing already installed?

Perhaps this is also the source of the chatter/shudder under normal launches.
(97 with 42K miles).

Go here: http://www.acuraparts247.com/sunnys...&catcgry5=ENGINE+MOUNT&ListAll=All&vinsrch=no

I think you are fine:). If you look at the mount pics they are not a complete rubber disk. They have a center connected to an outer ring, it is a molded internal rubber piece.

If you do see a crack in the rubber, if you can post a pic that would be best. A chatter could be a few things. FYI, You can only buy an entire mount. Based on the URL above you can see the pricing too.

Thanks Larry,
it was a bit hard to see in that pic, but I think you're right.
The service manual shows it like this;

My openings are not as 'square' as in that pic, and there used to be a thin film of rubber covering the opening. The rubber has sort of split/deteriorated/whatever, so you can see through now, but I think it's just fine.


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