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Recent Experience with ARC- Light

17 March 2013
Columbia MD
My experience with ARC-Light LED began when one of my rear taillights (lense and all) broke, and my LED turn signal snapped in half. I had a Bright Light Tech LED kit installed and since it was discontinued I thought i'd be out of luck. Did some research and to my luck ARC- Light's name came up on Prime, so i did some reading and decided to PM him to see if I can get him to make me another LED turn signal to match the one I had. Sure enough a week later I received an almost identical new one that I was able to install.


Next issue I had with my Bright Light Tech kit was that the control box stopped one of the turn signals from working, they would both work if wired one way, but they wouldn't work together. So I decided to hit up Young @ ARC Light and he assured me that he could fix it. Sent him the control box from Maryland to California and within a week I had one of his brand new (redesigned) boxes back on the car.

The new control box design prevents any items in the trunk from messing with the brightness since its covered. With the old design since the knobs were exposed, things would roll into them and often times accidentally touch the brightness knobs which you would then have to recalibrate and that got old. With the new box you just set it once, put the top on and tighten the corners and not worry about it again.


Everything works now and I plan to continue to use his services for any LED related work I may need in the future.

Pricing- Very reasonable
Communication- 10/10
Shipping is quick
Best part is that he gets things right the first time, tests his products before sending them out.

Bottom line is if you are in the market for LED tail lights, the ARC- Light LED is the kit to buy. If you have the older Bright Light Tech kit and it needs servicing, send it to him and he'll make it like new again. His design rectifies all the common issues that the BLT kit had so its built to last.