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Recommendation on a shop to install Bilstein shocks


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26 October 2004

I just got a quote to install the Bilstein shocks with alignment for $1030 plus sales tax.

He was charging $625 without sales tax for the shocks and about $405 for the installation and alignment.

What do ya think?
Welcome. I had Bilsteins installed on my NSX this past Friday - lowered perch. I asked the local gurus for advice on getting this done. Here is my advice based on what I've learned. First - get the shocks. There is a seller on eBay who sells them: techdeals1. The shocks are new. I bought a set of Bilsteins from him - $469 (includes tax for those of you in CA) + $29 shipping. Total was $498. They shipped from Socal three days after I paid and arrived two days later.

Now for installation - go to Auto Innovations in Milpitas (408-956-8004). Many of the local NSX owners get their suspension work done at this shop. This is where I got my shocks installed with alignment. Orlando at Auto Innovations is one of THE BEST NSX (or any car, for that matter) suspension guys you will ever meet. Ask for Orlando when you call. The price I paid for installation + alignment was $400. Orlando is now the ONLY person I will go to for suspension work (alignment, shocks etc). He loves what he does and that shows in his work.

If you go with my suggestions, you total (shocks + installation + alignment) should be $898.
Yes I finally did it. Remember back when I said "this car is going to stay STOCK- NO MODS. Period." Well, we all know how that goes. So, the car is looking good on the lowered perch with the seven spoke wheels (the H&R wheel adapters make it look nice, but I'm not sure if I will keep them - I promised them to another club member b/c I was expecting a new set of wheels to come in soon and now I've hit a roadblock on the wheels I was getting - if the wheels come in, the spacers and seven spokes will be gone). I also finally installed the Comptech exhaust that has been sitting in my garage since December. Next is probably the 02+ rear valance and after the summer I'll look at getting a header. Heck, my car is going to be a photocopy of yours soon (well, minus the JGTC exhaust sound that you have) :tongue:

I'll try to post some pics. I promised a few to Engel via email and I'll post those here as well (the car is dirty, but what the heck, I'll take some pics anyway).