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Removing oil pan on 91 swaping to Dali +2

3 February 2009
Wichita/Portland/SW WA
I have read that parts of the exhaust need removed all the way to the timing belt and others when neither needs removed. Ím trying to get clatification, if thing have to be removed ill just have the shop do it with the header install, I was just trying to save some money and do this myself.
I did mine, its a total PITA. especially if you dont have the right tools and a place the car can sit high up on stands for a while. I just went it guns blazing, saw what need to be removed and did it, what you said sounds about right. that being said i'd never do it again myself.
I see you have yet to install your DC headers? If so, now is a great time to tackle them both. You only need to remove the front bank header but in removing your front bank header you'll need to remove the bomerang brace and main crossmember that runs right behind the gas tank and shifter cables. Not difficult.. but a PITA.
Im not doing the headers myself, I tkink I will just pay the extra money for them to do the pan as well, since they have to take the headers off anyways.
I read a post from Larry B that Mark Basch said to install dry see below


The gasket should be installed dry, with no Hondabond, etc. I have replaced many of these that have been gooped up with sealer and they actually tend to leak that way. Installing dry is a bit of a pain to keep the gasket in place, but worth it IMO.

I was taught this many years ago by Mark Basch and it has not failed me once.