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Reverse is sticky

21 September 2000
Bellevue, WA, USA
Does anyone know the properly way to shift into reverse? Sometime my 96 NSX-T won't let me and I end up fighting the gear box to open up. But at times (rarely) it's a piece of cake.

Sometimes the 5 speeds can be a little sticky going into reverse...the best way to combat it is to try shifting into 4th gear first....then shift into reverse. This seems to help a lot of people who experience the same sort of problem u describe...good luck

Hmmm 4th to reverse I'll have to try that next time.

Whenever I can't get mine into reverse I shift to 1st then reverse and it works for me everytime.
I have a 92 and I could swear that in the manual it states that if you are having trouble engaging reverse, place the transmission into 1st then try reverse again. That has always worked for me.