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Reverse Lockout Help

16 July 2012
I have a 1996 that has been upgraded with a 3.2 engine and 6-Speed trans. THe previous owner did not bother to get reverse lockout working. I have read several older threads on re-enabling reverse lockout on a 6-Speed upgrade, but before I go cutting into wires, I wanted to see if any of you with much more expertise than I could double check my plans.

My understanding of the brake tap fix:

I bought this Borg Warner relay:

And the I believe I need to mount it near the intake, run a wire from the 87a prong down to one of the 2 yellow wires coming out of this solenoid, and ground the other yellow wire to chassis. I take it I can just cut them off a few inches from solenoid and they no longer need to attach to ECM or wherever they are currently going?:

Then I need to put a vampire tap on this green wire that is running from the engine compartment into the trunk lid and attach the tap wire to prong 86 on the relay:

Then all that should be remaining is to run a wire from relay prong 85 to chassis for ground and a 30A feed (that is only hot with accessory on) from the fuse box to the 30A prong on relay.

Is this accurate?
have you read this thread yet?


another option

some guys were rigging it to their e-brake.

cuz you will never hit your e-brake the same time your sifting into 6th gear

run wires thru the firewall, via the rubber grommet on the bulk head

then mount the relay under the center console tap into the e-brake line
instead of the spoiler line

same setup but your tapping the ebrake cleaner install
Thanks for the info, I had read that thread, it's where I got the instructions I mapped out above, but I'd rather not have to put the ebrake on to go into reverse. Wouldn't be a big deal for backing out of garage or parking place, but I would think a real pain when you have to make a quick back up in order to make a u-turn on a narrow road, or any other time you want to quickly go from 1st to reverse and back to 1st.
Just a confirmation to anyone else down the road that is looking to do the same thing, the instructions I listed in original post worked perfectly. What a difference the lockout makes in the 5th and 6th gear shifts.
Not sure if this will work but Lingenfelter makes an MPH activated switch. It's designed for VSS signals that produce 4000 pulses per mile, not sure if the Honda VSS signals produce that many. If it works, it's $115.

If I remember correctly, the lockout should activate when there is power or the car is running and if the ECU senses any speed signal. When the car is off, the lockout is not activated.