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Are you looking for the dark gray finish or the machined finish? There are two different wheel colors in the years you specified.
Do you mean seven spoke OEM design? I have a set of 16/17's from 94-97 silver I purchased a few years back without rubber. There are few scratches, minor rash, nothing major wheels are straight and true. I was intending to refinish them either powered coat silver/gun metal, or polished to a chrome like finish. I wound up buying new volk's last year. I was going use them as track wheels, but I'm not intending to track my car anymore, so I don't really need them anymore they have been sitting collecting dust. I paid 1200US, looking for $1000 US firm, if your interested PM me I can take some pictures, post or send them to you. :smile:

Here are some quick pics I took this week-end. I had the worn out tires removed, wheels have been sitting outside on my deck for months so they are very dirty. I never got around to washing them :rolleyes: A few minor scratches and a few paint chips, nothing major, no bends etc. I was planning on refinishing them, but bought new wheels as mentioned before. If anyone else is interested PM me, I hoping to selling them in Canada makes shipping eaiser. Paid $1200US looking for $1000US Firm! Thanks! :smile: