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Timing Belt - Water pump Southern Ontario ?

I haven't had any work done personally since he's too far away from me, but Rob Magro 9054836247 has done a bunch for NSXCC members I believe, and it looks like he's not too far from you.
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There is no one in this province I would trust to work on these cars other than Rob. Over my 12 years of ownership of 2 different NSX’s, he is the only one who ever worked on my cars, and he’s never put a wrench wrong.
Been a long while since I posted but still havr my NSX. I've heard nothing but great things about Rob. I'm in Markham so I take the car to Speed Star..thats mostly due to proximity and they're also highly recommended and used. If I were closer to Rob I would take my NSX to him.
I'm going to bet the dealer is a toss up. All the old guys like me who know the original NSX design are probably either service writers or retired. I was suprized how many guys are just hack parts changers who can't diagnose their way out of a paper bag. Yet, these guys are the #stealership pride and joy $ makers.
Did THIS thread ever get "sanitized" in the past four hours. :whistle:


Met Rob Magro in about 2009. NSX Club of Canada gathering. In Niagara or Toronto, can't recall.
His family, too.
Cindy and I have only positive things to say about him.

Miss you all.Dsc00159.Jpg

Peace. Out.


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