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RYU's "properly molested" NSX build thread


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1 August 2008
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After 8yrs of ownership and nearly 2 decades of idolizing the NSX I realized this year that i'm nearly done with building the perfect supercar for me. Building a Type R would have been cool but if I couldn't have a real Type R (complete with blueprinted, balanced NA motor, etc) it just wouldn't be a Type R, Yet I wanted to stay true to what a type R really is; an exercise in balance and engineering. I also wanted a comfortable car which some say a Type R is not. This mantra helped me determine I wanted the lightest NSX possible but still maintain the creature comforts of a street car. I wanted to stay under 400wHP yet build a car that is easy to drive FAST. This goal helped me select my suspension, brakes, gear set, power adders, and maintain the overall direction of the build. Through many trial and errors, never before built on an NSX custom parts, and countless late nights spent in the garage I think I'm finally happy.

Over the next few months i'll document the different stages of proper molestation that my NSX was subject to. I'll try to post a portion of the build every few weeks and describe my rationale and goal for each modification.

Mission Statement: To build a streetable and versatile supercar in which longevity, value, and quality engineering determined the proper combination of parts, whereby the parts together are more than the sum of their individual pieces.

Spending time at the track this weekend with fellow NSX bretheren made me realize i'm almost done. I can finally drive the piss out of this thing and not think twice until the next time it breaks :)
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/rLgDdaL8Pmk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

Here's my long list of mods.

Safety & Chassis Bracing
TiDave Harness Bar & 5th point bar
Simpson 5-point Harness
RYU Rear Aluminum Beam
RYU Front Aluminum Beam
Type R Front Chassis Support
Dali Mid-Rear Chassis Support

DG5 Coilover Suspension w/ Swift Springs (9K Front, 11K Rear rates)
Type R Front Sway Bar but considering Dali Trophy 1" hollow straight bar
TiDave Non-Compliance Front Clamps
TiDave Non-Compliance Rear Bushings
TiDave Adjustable Sway Bar End Links
RYU Suspension Lift Kit

Drivetrain, Engine, and Engine Management
Comptech 1.7L Autorotor Supercharger
HKS F-Con iS w/ Tune from FastraxTurbo
HKS iF Sensor Control Unit
HKS Sensors
Snow Performance Water/Meth Injection Kit
STMPO Oil Pan Baffle
MASiV High Efficiency Race Radiator
A.S. Motorsport Phenolic Intake Manifold Gasket
A.S. Motorsport Phenolic CTSC Manifold Gasket
Denso "Supra" Fuel Pump
OEM RDX Injectors
Dali Battery Tray
Odyssey Racing Battery
Dali Short Shift Kit
TiDave Damper Shield
Custom Side Vent Mount Oil Cooler with SOS AN10 oil filter sandwich plate
Custom breather Catch-Can

RYU Custom Valvetronic FI Exhaust System (smog legal)
Comptech 00+ exhaust manifolds

Wheels, Tires & Brakes
Advan RS Wheels
Dunlop Z1 Star Specs
MY2000+ ABS Brake Upgrade
Greddy/Grex/Rotora 4-Wheel Big Brake Kit
STMPO Front Brake Ducts
RYU Custom Rear e-Brake kit
Super Blue Brake Fluid
Dali SS Brake Lines

Alpine EX-10 Bluetooth Handsfree Control Center
Alpine S-370 Touchscreen Monitor
Carbon Composites (CWood) Custom OEM Center Console
Stacy Ring Cluster
OEM Automatic RPM Gauge Face with built-in 7 led shift light
Kuni custom low profile seat cushion

Full OEM 02 Front Conversion
Downforce front wide fenders
JDM OEM Rear Tail Lights
Backyard Special Type R vented hood
Metalic Window Tint
Type R Style Rear Engine Cover
Shark II Antenna Base
NRG NSX-R Rear Spoiler
Seibon rear carbon fiber rear valance

OEM Timing Belt
OEM Water Pump
Full OEM Coolant Hose Replacement
OEM Cam Plugs
OEM Valve Cover Seals
Brake Master Cylinder
Cluch Master Cylinder
Hugabuga Window Fix
Steering Rack Full Rebuild
OEM CV Boot Replacement
OEM Front lower ball joints
OEM Hatch trunk struts
OEM Trunk struts
6 New OEM Coil packs
New OEM igniter
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Congrats on such a great build. Simple, properly functional and beautiful. They say that these projects never end, but I understand having an ultimate vision and goal where you near satisfaction. Your pursuit has driven you to explore beyond most others, and this is truly commendable. Well done, mon frere.
I like see pics of my parts LOL very nice your the def the man. keep up the good work bro
I completely forgot! I need a 'thank you' thread for if it wasn't for many of my NSX brother's I couldn't even come up/build/acquire/afford a lot of the parts that's on the car now.

Here's who I can remember for now but I know for sure the list is VERY VERY long
carboy (Masaya)shawn110975
Track Addict
Mac Attack
Dali Racing
Nick @ Applied Motorsports

...more to come as I remember!

So many local guys I don't want to call out real names because I don't know your screenames! :(
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lol now you can spend money on detailing products:biggrin:
Oh....one last thing......you looked at the iLift system yesterday.....its an elegant solution don't you think?
People know I have the highest respect for Steven's products. However, the iLift is the Mercedes of lift kits. Alternatively, I'm happy with my Honda :) Though one day, I might be able to afford a Mercedes. Steven's iLift makes other lift kits (the one most popular here on Prime) look like a Yugo though.
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after your text introduction on you goals, i'm very curious to see in images your path to get there... congrats.

can you show a photo of your radiator (MASiV) ??


after your text introduction on you goals, i'm very curious to see in images your path to get there... congrats.

can you show a photo of your radiator (MASiV) ??

Hello Nuno,

The MASiV radiator is a heat exchanger i've helped developed for the last 3years. Jim (Coz) has been gracious enough to race with a prototype this season in his 600wHP, intercooled, laminova oil cooled, fully built race car. Jim is a great guy on and off the track btw. Can't say enough about him. After so much development we finally found a formula that works amazing in the NSX and it fits 100% like stock. Just imagine, Jim was running a thick 3-4" Ron Davis radiator core that was much thicker than stock and the MASiV radiator performed BETTER. We also have reason to believe (from local data as of last month) that the MASiV radiator is performing better than the PWR unit with the integrated oil cooler. I have tons of respect of Ron Davis as a company and heaps of respect for our Aussie PWR friends (they make F1 and basically most motorsports coolers you see on real race cars) yet the MASiV radiator is better (at least on the NSX). For example, in hot and dry Arizona weather, average ECT track temps on Jim's car was 215F with the big Ron Davis. He's now seeing average temps of no higher than 205F. A local friend is also using a new PWR radiator. It maxed at oil-239, max water-213 on an NA 3.2L. I've been testing this radiator with the OEM fan (Jim is using twin Spal fans). Our NSX OEM fan is so crappy it's incredible yet the rad is to be so efficient the OEM fan is adequate. It worked fine during cool down sessions at Buttonwillow this weekend albeit it was only 78F ambient. Regardless, I was seeing ECT track temps no higher than 77-82C and my car is supercharged. Pretty amazing.

I've asked the company to do a Group Buy here but the intent was to develop the fin technology with sales to the NSX market as secondary. I think with Coz Motorsports helping with the sales they'll do a small run for us. Not quite sure how many folks on here are even interested in a high quality radiator though.


- - - Updated - - -

She made me very proud this wknd!
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Thanks for listing me but my contribution was pretty minimal, especially compared to the help you have given me. Would love to go for a ride, maybe in the drivers seat?:wink:
Subscribed! One day I'll follow suit and create my own build thread but as usual you are ahead of me!

I won't be able to brand my own parts though :) Watch out for Capcom calling you up on copyright infringement LOL
Awesome build! Can't wait to see whats next. and when the RYU custom exhaust setup becomes for sale!!! *hint hint nudge nudge*
Nice to see you're making a thread.

Could you tell me a little more on the AS Motorsports phenolic gaskets for the intake manifold and CTSC and how the install worked out?
Did you notice any difference in the AIT already? I'm going to get my manifold gaskets installed next week and the IAT sensors installed and am curious about your findings so far.
I've asked the company to do a Group Buy here but the intent was to develop the fin technology with sales to the NSX market as secondary. I think with Coz Motorsports helping with the sales they'll do a small run for us. Not quite sure how many folks on here are even interested in a high quality radiator though.

I am. I also have twin Spal fans but would like a better radiator.
Glad to see you on track! Jim's a great guy and is a great platform to test the radiator with high demands of a fast turbo car that actually races. Great to hear that your radiator outperformed a heavier Ron Davis.

Who had the PWR radiator and did they have proper ducting to a vented hood like on Jim's car?

For the NSX, i'm not a big fan of integrated oil coolers (in the rad). Unless the car is dry sumped or has a higher volume pump, sending pressurized oil all the way to the front of the car isn't ideal. Also, the integrated cooler injects a TON of heat into the radiator which takes away from the cooling ability of the coolant, while not always lowering the oil temps as well as a proper stand-alone air to oil cooler (although 239*F isn't bad atall so it must be cooling the oil pretty well at the expense of water temps).

Were the temp numbers (Jim's Ron vs. yours and the PWR) on the same day or temperature within 10*F?
9doors (Nick) has the PWR. Nick E. put it in for him I think. there is a pix floating around here by 9doors. A few months ago I saw the car, I don't remember he had ducting or a vented hood. I could be wrong by now.

Oh....one more thing Regan....ok, no lift kit, I think you should get a Giken.....its not ricey and nobody can see it.....its worth at least a second.:rolleyes:
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