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Same red NSX in Ottawa/Kanata?


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31 August 2003
Ottawa, Canada
In regards to this thread, I am just wondering if I saw the same red NSX
travelling down the 417 heading west last night around 7pm between
the Moodie and March exits. I was going the opposite direction, but
man, that machine simply commanded respect flying down the highway! :biggrin:
I got his plate this afternoon ---> NSXUL :biggrin:

I also held up an NSXPRIME.COM? sign that I quickly made
from some paper & pen in the glovebox and held it against
the window when I drove by hoping he'd see and understand. :cool:

I'll post pics when I get home. Just curious who he is, that's all. :smile:
Hahaha, Brad is as sharp as ever!