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Sandy Aftermath

28 March 2002
This storm lived up to its doom and gloom predictions. Last year's halloween blizzard knocked out power to most people for 5-7 days and no telling how long we will be without power, heat or water this time around. Property damage in the area worst I have ever seen but this time also local loss of life with my friend's 11 yr old nephew and his 13 yr old neighbor getting killed last night a few miles from me when a tree crashed into their house. And we had it better than those in jersey or long island. Amazing amount of damage with very little actual rainfall. Haven't seen a utility truck in two days and none can get in right now until the bulldozers clear a path.

A few pics from trying to find a way out of my house and get more than a mile away.

My power lines are in this photo - somewhere......









looks like my area as well RSO good thing your safe as for me, no power, flooded basements & debris all over, however we on long island are ok and nsx is fine as well.
Sorry about your friends, that's very tragic. Queens wasn't hit as bad with the exception of the 80+ houses that burned down. I found my Nsx covered in debris but am grateful that's all it was. Hope others are doing well. Chime in folks and let us know that you're ok.
God bless
OMG.............so sorry about anyone's looses or damages. Been glued to the TV watching all of this unfold and it's quite horrendous. My thoughts are with you, and if any of my NY/NJ friends are really stuck - got lots of room here where you can come camp in comfort.
That is very sad news... Kids.... Man that is horrible. :(

I had a tree near fall on my car. Missed me by about 10 feet. Took out a power line, blew the transformer, drenched my car in sparks as the power lines slammed onto my roof. I really thought I might die. Pretty shaken up afterwards and very lucky. My friends mother who decided to stay during an evacuation as she didn't want to leave her dogs (had no car) is still missing.
I grew up in Queens and the summer hang out spots were in Rockaway including Breezy Point. With one access road in and out and that road being flooded, even 200 firefighters couldn't prevent around 100 homes from being destroyed.

My whole area of North/Central NJ looks very similar. Trees uprooted everywhere, power lines tangled everywhere, a vast majority without power, phone, internet, and tv. My friend showed me some pictures of what is left of Belmar...

Thanks for the pictures RSO. Hope everything is ok with you.

Hope everyone is alright, along with their loved ones.

Loss of power, internet, phone, some downed trees, etc are all mild inconveniences in the grand scheme of things.
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Condolances for your losses and Prayers for a speedy recovery from South Texas. Having lived in an area that can see weather like that from time to time, I know you all are going through hell right now. But you will recover and it will take time and a lot of hard work. It is always a reminder that we have so little control. All we can do is do the little things that can make tomorrow better than today by taking care of one another.
I'm sorry to hear the deaths. I couldn't even imagine what those families are going through.

It's comforting to know that Primer's got through the storm without injury. I'm amazed at the amount of destruction along the coast. I've been through a few Hurricaines, but we are much more prepared for them in Florida.

My best wishes to everyone affected and I'm sure things will get back to normal within a few weeks.
I had a tree near fall on my car. Missed me by about 10 feet. Took out a power line, blew the transformer, drenched my car in sparks as the power lines slammed onto my roof.

Not the NSX..... :eek:
wow Bob you lost a lot of trees...we have smaller crap trees down...and are still without power,happily no loss of life in our developement.
Other than a few downed trees, no cable internet or landline, some missing siding, we're ok. Half of my neighbor's roof is gone ... the important things are intact. I hope that all your loved ones are safe
Yikes! I live north of philly and all we have is downed trees. I only lost power for one hour. I guess my area got pretty lucky compared to NJ and NY.
Got my power lines dug out but since every other connecting line in town is also down this is just one small piece of a very large puzzle.

Before and After.........


Crazy... I've been so obvious to what's going on I didn't know it was this bad until I started reading the news articles online and seeing pictures.

Growing up in an area in NJ where you didn't see anything but snow and rain makes you brush off anything really that comes along saying "it couldn't happen to you" sort of mentality.

In South Philly we didn't get anything but a bit of wind. No power loss and not to much rain... We were the lucky ones.