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Sant Clarita Car Show

4 May 2003

in the evening of the first Saturday of every month there is a classic car show at the car wash on the corner of McBean and Cinema Drive. Last time I was there, there was a mixed bag of cars there. I even saw fixed up Scions, and some Civics and crap (Pun intended :biggrin: )

Question is, who would be down to meet there with our NSXs? I think it would be fun to have our cars lined up there, plus we get to see a bunch of cool looking classic cars as well.

How far is santa clarita from san diego?? im interested
I'm up for it...not today though :frown: ..I 've got family errand to do.

I cannot remember what time it was...it ended around 10pm...so figure 7:30 or 8? I will find out. I just like going to see all the classic cars people own in the area. I dont know if we can get our own category though, but would be fun just to go.