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ScienceofSpeed Twin Turbocharged 3.5L in Norway

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
Our good friend Frode from Orkanger, Norway sent us these photos of his Veilside widebody ScienceofSpeed Twin Turbocharged 3.5L powered NSX. ScienceofSpeed provided a complete kit to convert Frode's automatic to a manual transmission along with the twin turbocharged 3.5L stroked NSX engine producing 706 horsepower and 600 lb/ft at the wheels. It's been a pleasure to work with this NSX enthusiast!

-- Chris


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Will take a closer look at this NSX this weekend at the annual Club Honda Norway meeting at Arctic Circle Raceway this weekend. Looks like a stunning car. Twin turbo is not my thing, but the work that has been put down on this car is is..well I don't find the correct word

I have worked on my NSX the last couple of days. Tomorrow it will have a new set of rear tires. And the leather seats was worked on today. Tomorrow it will be cleaned. Then on friday I will drive down to ACR with her. Will be a great drive (I will use regular 95 octane fuel) :)

Best regards
Nice power levels there, congrats!

Only NSX I have ever seen that looks good with the Lambo door mod

Really good looking car Frode
Hi Chris, what is included in the kit to convert Frode's car to a manual transmission? How much is it? Is it compatible with RHD NSXs?


The change over is quite extensive, but it can be done. Many of the parts are no longer available from the dealer, so it must be done with used parts. The cost is highly variable based on what transmission you want to do, and how extensive you want to be in the change over. The range can be $6000-10,000 depending on 5-spd, 6-spd, clutch, wire harnesses, ECU, etc. If you're interested, we have enough of the factory parts in a batch of used parts we purchased to do one A/T to M/T conversion.

-- Chris

Frode uploaded the movie I made of his car to youtube. I guess he got a email letting him know that there is copyrighted music in that movie.

I did not spend much time on this. I had only these few minutes of film, but I tried to make best use of them. I sneaked in some film of my NSX (of course)

I would think that the music is familiar. The movie is not in any way to be compared to Format 57's NSX tribute. It is what it is.


Best regards