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Shipping NSX to Dubai UAE costs???

19 March 2003
Hello Folks

I am inquiring to those who have shipped their NSX or any automobile to the Middle East. I have been asked what the cost differences are and where the usual ports are. Any additional information would be most helpful.

-What transport is recommended
-taxes if any to send a vehicle this way
-what preparations have you taken prior to sending
-what paper work is required

The car will transport from Texas with possible final destination to Dubai, UAE
pm jetpilot
I have looked into shipping a car to my cousin in Kurdistan and shipping can range from 2500-4000. The shipping price depends on the car size. For example, shipping an 2012 Acura TL costs 2500 where as shipping MDX cost 4000 so it depends on weight. There are no U.S. taxes shipping a car but once it arrives at your destination, they will charge custom charges. For a car that enters Kurdistan region from Turkey borders, they charge about 1500. You may also want to check if the year model of the NSX can even get inside U.A.E because for Kurdistan region of Iraq, the car has to be 2011 or newer to be allowed to enter the state.
pm jetpilot

Cam"Jet Pilot" knows exactly ,as he shipped a Porsche from US to Dubai.As I remember,it took for ever for it to get there.