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Single or Double Din console wanted!

23 October 2000
Oakland, MI
If anyone knows of a single or double din console available, please let me know. I have been looking for a while and haven't had any luck.

I have seen several people with them, but it seems most have done the mods themselves. I am not too confident in local companies cutting up my console and would rather purchase one already done.

Thanks in advance!
I own a stereo shop and we did my console for a Eclipse single din fold out tv. If you send me your trim piece I can cut and mold it, then repaint it with factory match paint. Its really not that hard to cut it, it is mounting the radio that is tricky. when you take the factory unit out it leaves you with a big hole and nothing to attach to.
you can mount the radio from the front with the sleeve that they come with, but the radio will not be as flush looking like it is if you mount it from the back. LMK. if you have a local shop tell them to give me a call if they would like some advice. --Brett(228)868-9993
Here's a pic of my modified single DIN console w/ custom carbon fiber overlay, hope this pic appears:
Anyone know if there's any issues with installing two DIN sized head units in the center console? Will it fit OK?

Considering the wide array of aftermarket parts available for our cars and how bad the Bose system is, I'm surprised nobody offers a pre-made kit yet. I keep thinking there must be some small Japanese company that offers such a product that we haven't heard about (or so I would hope.)