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snap ring about to fail any progress on lawsuit?

10 February 2001
Troy MI
Is anyone in the lawsuit that I saw posted here a while back?

I have a 91 with snap-ring going out on me.

I'm not driving the car. Waiting to hear back from dealer, and dealer is being very coy about what they might or might not be able to do for me ( I'm the second owner) but have done a lot of business with this dealership.
I am going thru the Snap problem right now and I opted to get fix at a non-dealer shop. I talked with Acura Corp Headquaters and the local dealership, both were very non committal, the dealer said worst case it would be 7k and best cas 2k and no committement from Corp headquaters either way, so I opted for the surest and cheapest way to fix it. If you do a search on Class action law suit you should be able to find the Lawyers name, I emailed him last week and he said it is stil pending